Haunted.. Part III.

Her legs got fixed so did her eyes, her heart nearly jumped out of her chest and she let a loud gasp when she noticed what was looking at her from the mirror!!

A blurred figure of a woman was eyeing her.. Although it was unclear, she could tell what she was looking at.. That was certainly the “ghost”…

“Where’s my son? What have you done to him?”  Sobbed the shivering woman.

“What are you talking about darling? Asked the “ghost” with a stony wicked grin.

“Why did you kill him?”  She roared madly causing an overwhelming echo in the empty basement. But  the ghost replied with deafening giggles causing the pitiable woman to shiver a whole lot more..

“You’re pathetic indeed!!”  The ghost carried on giggling driving the woman to the point of boiling.. She couldn’t help but stand up striking the mirror aggressively before it swiftly slid aside uncovering what appeared to be a small hidden bathroom.. As she took her first steps inside, she had the same weird feeling, she had definitely seen that place before!! Flickers of those bizarre dreams she’d always seen came across her mind..

It was very cold.. The strange chemical odor that had snuck into her nose, was so strong that it made her cough… Feeling so dizzy, she headed to the basin hitting her face with the cold water.. She trembled when she raised her head up for the blurred figure was gazing  her again from the mirror above the basin..

“Why don’t you just KILL ME?!!”  She pleaded insanely, splashing the water all over the mirror.. Although she couldn’t hide the hatred locked inside her heart for that “ghost”, she had lost the interest in everything including her own life…

“You should’ve realized what’s going on. We’re on the same ship darling!” Said the figure with unexplained delight.

“Who the hell are you?!”  The woman was on the verge of collapse.

“Nothing but a lonely pathetic psychopath..”  Said the the ghost’s fainting voice before it disappeared..

The blurred figure in the mirror began to go clearer till she could recognize who she was looking at.. A  pale woman with dark ragged hair and hopeless eyes.. Her jaw dropped and her heart sunk for she was staring at her reflection in the mirror!!

For a moment, it sounded like a silly joke to her, but moments later, the secret was getting reviled; recollecting the missing pieces, she caught the whole story… The house, the basement and that hidden bathroom where she’d mixed those chemicals to attract the idiots stepping into the house at night looking for the “ghost” to the basement. She could recall how she’d trapped them in that hidden bathroom, how she’d loved that game and how it’d been addictive!! Yet, the truth was very awful, very ugly.. And she was too weak to handle that and too desperate as well to bother where the bodies had disappeared.. Her legs could no longer carry her, she knelt on the floor collapsing…

Hoping that it was just a nightmare she’d be awake from soon, she heard a familiar voice behind her. A voice that she couldn’t state whether it was real or just another part of that non-ending terror..

“I knew you’ll come search for me..” Said the voice..

As she turned back, she couldn’t tell whether that young man standing in front of her was truly her son or just another figure emerging from her sick mind.. She froze, staring blankly at him without uttering a single syllable..

“So this’s how you kill your boredom?? By trying to kill people??! GOD I thought you were getting better.. I should’ve cancelled my night shifts and stayed with you more!!”  He looked so blue, so disappointed and so upset..

“I’m sorry mom!”  He broke into tears. “You’re under arrest!”  He noticed that his mother wasn’t listening.. She felt the room spinning and it was slowly but surely getting darker till everything went black..

As darkness began to decline allowing the sunlight to quietly sneak in, people in the neighborhood including the sheriff witnessed the young cop whom they’d called a “Stubborn” holding  his sweet little “ghost” and stepping out of the no longer haunted house..


The end..

Haunted.. Part II.

Part I

I know that Part II looks very short, but this’s all what I could come up with so far.. Also i’m trying not to make it boring.. 🙂

Darkness had been enclosing the gloomy house  as she took her first steps inside.. The dusty floor muffled the sound of her steps making silence the one speaking out.. She went on stopping for few seconds allowing her eyes to cope, looking around and taking further watchful steps before stopping again..

She was scared of a ghost, despite the fact that she was the typical definition for the word “ghost”.. A tall pale figure with ragged dark hair covering a bony face. Hopeless eyes with a staring blank look and a slow, perhaps deadly, walk. No one would blame her for that “ghostly” look. The woman couldn’t get over her husband’s death, then losing her son later brought her into a blind end…

Strolling inside, she had no idea where to search.. She let her instinct lead her to some worn-out stairs that took her down to what seemed to be the basement. The scene down there wasn’t quite freaky, yet it did freak her out!

No trace for a being she found while her eyes scanned the not quite empty basement.. The longer her eyes moved in there, the more scared she felt. Although she’d never been there, the  place  looked somehow familiar!! Fear flooded her heart the moment she remembered that she knows that place… She wandered in there several times… In her dreams.. And had always wondered why her subconscious kept taking her to such place…

She kept scanning the basement till her eyes met an outsized mirror she knew. She gazed deeply as if the mirror was going to answer all the questions puzzling her.. She was so absorbed in that she didn’t notice that shadow moving behind her back. She knew she had a company when she heard a faint voice saying:

I knew you’ll come sooner or later.. Welcome darling!!“…

Her legs got fixed so did her eyes…Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest and she let a loud gasp when she noticed what was looking at her from the mirror!!

To be continued…

Haunted… Part I.

Life is confusing.. There’re times when we go blind, though the truth is ahead of us. And there’re other times when we see it obviously, even if darkness is all around.. Sometimes, when we don’t know what to believe, we seek the easiest answer ’cause the truth is just too complex and too hard to understand..

It was one cloudy night. The light cold breeze felt so heavy on hitting her as she moved, as if it wanted to stop her from going on with what she intended to do. The sound of the crispy leaves cracking under her feet was loud, as if it tried to warn her from getting closer… Her heart was racing and her breath was getting heavier, as if they were begging her to turn back. But she kept moving..

The house wasn’t so far. Time wasn’t enough for these signs to make her quit. So she kept moving..

She deeply believed, so did all the people in town, that the house next door was haunted.. Every single being in town knew the frightful story of that ghost.. That freaky woman who lately wandered inside and mysteriously killed any breathing creature stepping inside the house..

The woman believed the story, with no doubts.. And why should she doubt?? Her son got in there and never came out. He got undoubtedly killed and nobody ever knew how it happened.. The cops searched every inch in the house and unsurprisingly they found nothing!!

Her last conversation with the sheriff resounded inside her head… Desperately, she begged him to send the cops again to the house to search for her son’s body, but he told her what he tells the others:“Nobody ever entered that house  at night and got out alive or dead.. Your son should’ve considered the house’s history before stepping in there. GOD! He went without my permission! Sorry.. He was such a stubborn and he paid for that ! Ma’am, I wouldn’t  waste my men’s time searching for nothing..”

She had always hated how that nobody could stand for that ghost. She  hated watching that house every day from her window and how her fears crippled her..

She’d  lived a messy life with non-stop headaches. And though she’d got enough sleep, she had always felt tired as if she never slept.. She had always felt chaotic and had got fired from her job.. Her life wasn’t getting any better, yet  her son was the only one who made her feel  like living… And after losing her only reason for living, she didn’t care  how dreadful her end might be. She couldn’t help it anymore, she made up  her mind…

She continued her steady pace one step after another moving like the robot.. As she reached the house, the front door was open waiting for her to get inside. She didn’t hesitate, she kept… MOVING...

To be continued…

The happy recipe!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a horrible cook, I came up with this simple recipe.. 😛

Difficulty: Easy. 



1Faith. 2. Patience. 3. Confidence.

4. Obstacles. 5. Hard work. 6. Dreams & wishes.

7. Love. 8. Hope. 9. Positivity.

10.  Adventures. 11. Sense of humor. 12. Smiles.


1. You’re going to need plenty of faith for the base of this recipe… The more faith you have, the less bitterness you’ll taste.

Have faith.. 

2. You can’t skip the obstacles; it’s what will spice up the recipe and give it a strong taste..

Overcome your obstacles!

3. To make the base, add the faith, patience, some confidence together with the obstacles, hard work, dreams and wishes… Stir them together till you get a smooth flexible mixture.

Add dreams and wishes..

4. As for the topping, cook some positivity with some hope and love, then pour the mixture over the base … This will help you overcome any over-bitterness in the base.

Think positive..

5. Now you need to decorate… Sprinkle lots of smiles all over the recipe then add some pieces of adventures and sense of humor…

Add lots of smiles..

Then… Voilà !! Your recipe’s ready! 🙂

Bon appétit!! 😀 😀


Enjoy your life..

Coffee for the heart..

I’m so in love with these lyrics..The way they described our relationship with GOD really amazed me.. They’re so touching! 🙂

Written by: Mo’ez Mas’oud(*):

There are nights when I can’t sleep… I’m never sure why..

And the doctors they keep telling me… you should lead a healthy life..

But a voice keeps telling me that I’m supposed to cry, and i’m still trying to figure out why I like living lies..

You know I could never really count… all the things you’ve given me, and when you take you’re really giving.. but that’s not what I always see..

And I carry on takin’ and livin’ my life and I send you all my bills.. And you know that it feels good in the morning yet at nighttime it kills..

And I still can’t seem to close my eyes, and the doctors still keep telling me you should lead a healthy life…

And what really drives me crazy is how much you love to give,

you watch me take like crazy, I don’t thank but you still give…

And I carry on taking’ and livin’ my life and I send you all my bills and you know it feels good in the morning yet at nighttime it kills..

And even now as you inspire me, my heart’s gone out again..

It amazes me how fast it can fall asleep and wake again

If there was coffee for the hearts, baby hook me up… with a life supply..

I wanna make sure that my heart’s alive so I can close my eyes..

Cause there are some who wakes up every morning and their heart is still asleep..

And I can’t even close my eyes without this coffee of mine..

And I carry on takin’ and livin’ my life and I send you all my bills.. And it don’t even feel good in the morning and at nighttime it kills…

There are nights when I can’t sleep and I’m never sure why and the doctors they keep telling me… you should lead a healthy life!


(*) Mo’ez Mas’oud is a well-known Egyptian host of television and radio shows about Islam in both English and Arabic.

Here’s the song:

Reality vs. Fiction!

Remembering our childhood dreams may make us laugh … We find it funny, as those dreams were way crazier than our current ones. When I was young, I used to dream of becoming an astronaut, flying to the space, walking on the moon, discovering new planets & even meeting aliens!!

Sometimes I wonder why our dreams change when we grow up… Maybe it’s because we change as well… Maybe it’s our mind that tends to rationalize. Maybe it’s our tendency to change; we get bored of our childish dreams, so we start having new dreams… Perhaps we become aware that childhood dreams are hard to come by, so we start finding easier dreams!

Whatever the reasons, my dreams were suddenly switched to medicine. I found myself dreaming of becoming a doctor instead of that “astronaut” thing!!

I really doubt that watching “ER” had anything to do with this, but I’m pretty sure that being raised in a family of doctors had absolutely something to do with this in one way or another. Maybe it’s genetical!! Or maybe I just wanted to join the club!

So, when I finished the high school, it was time for that dream (being a doctor) to come true. I have to admit that it’s not as easy when it comes to reality. Firstly, it was as if I set the house on fire when I told my parents what I was thinking!! There was a heated debate as they tried to convince me to pick any faculty but the faculty of medicine (they didn’t want me to suffer).

Well, I respected the fact that they had enough experience. I knew I’m not that hard worker and I’d face many obstacles, but that was my dream & I wanted a chance to make it true…

Eventually, I ended up in the school of medicine ON MY OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Of course, I had many difficulties to face at the beginning, but I learned, and still learning, how to cope up with them.

I just want to say that achieving your dreams can be way harder than you expect, yet it doesn’t mean to stop dreaming. You’d make them true if you tried enough. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I started reconsidering that “astronaut” thing again… Indeed, life is just a “Reality vs. Fiction” game, and deciding the winner is up to you! 🙂

Finding today..

Worry, confusion, anxiety, panic or whatever you name it… It’s undeniable that we all have some problems in our lives troubling us, confusing our minds and driving us anxious… Well, if avoiding problems is impossible, dealing with them is a whole different story..

I was shuffling through my problems one day before that  fact did strike my mind.. If you analyze your anxiety, I bet you’ll find out that almost 99.99% of it is either about yesterday; things that have already happened and you’ve got  nothing to do about them… Or about tomorrow; things you’re afraid they’ll happen and you’ll never know that until tomorrow comes and you’re even not sure if they’ll ever happen!! And it got me wondering.. WHERE THE HELL IS TODAY??

Today is literally lost! We usually waste today worrying about yesterday, crying over spilt milk or hopelessly trying to predict tomorrow.. Well, if we stopped and decided for once to only worry about today, maybe there wouldn’t be any problems to cry over or to predict!!

Remember that, whether you want it or not, whether you worry about it or not,  yesterday has happened and tomorrow will too, but only because they’re meant to… So, to cut it short, forget about tomorrow, get over yesterday and start finding today… Today is the way, it’s pretty simple when you think of it .. 😀  😉

The mother who survived… Egypt!

Once upon a time, lived an old mother who’d suffered from cancer for years… She’d always been so lonely although she had many sons, they all had ignored her illness.. None of them had ever considered it as a problem of his… Everyone had been busy worrying about his own problems!

They’d believed she was going to die anyway, tomorrow if not today, whether they sought medical help or not.. They’d watched her die slowly claiming that it was too late to do anything..

Till one day, when her doctor announced that her malignant tumor was growing fast and that she could only live if she had a major surgery to excise it, which would be risky and might cost the mother her life..

 At that moment, the brothers realized how ignorant they were.. They could’ve saved their mother’s life way earlier!! As their conscience have finally awakened, they’ve decided to stand together and do whatever it takes to save their dying mother.. They decided to fix their mistake and get her to do the surgery..

During the surgery, she suffered from major blood loss.. Her sons started donating their blood one after another to save her.. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough.. Her organs started to fail one after another, but it was too late to back out.. They’d give their lives to save hers.. They all gathered on donating their organs!! One donated his liver, the other donated his kidney and another one donated his heart!! They all wanted to sacrifice their lives so their mother could have one!!

After all, the surgery succeeded and the tumor was removed… Of course there were complications after the surgery.. There were some infections and some side effects caused by the medications the mother took… It never was easy, but it didn’t matter as her sons learned the lesson… They’ve learned to be patient, to fight with every weapon they have got and never give up… And most importantly, they learned to be one hand and one team!!

By time, doesn’t matter how long, the weak old mother started gaining her strength a bit by a bit.. She felt sorry for her sons she lost, but inside her heart she was so proud that they finally were “all for one”…

Guys, I know you all got the point of my story.. And of course, medical wise & real life wise, it’s kinda inaccurate & impossible.. But the point is, this is what we should do to save our “Old mother”!! And this is how things should be! Doesn’t matter when, it’s the how that matters… 😉 :D:D

Living with the dead!

For the sake of science, medical students need to deal with dead bodies. If you think of them as cold-hearted unsympathetic geeks dissecting flesh, please read this and, hopefully, you’ll realize that you got it wrong…

• Concerning the “dissecting” issue, let me tell you a fact, we’re too innocent to hold that scalpel! The bodies on the tables there are already dissected (by doctors specialized in such field), so all what we get to do is just watching!

• The dissecting room is not a cold gloomy place underground. Surprisingly, it’s a well-lit, well-ventilated room with large windows and many doors. We don’t work in a grave or something!

NO BLOOD!! If you think that the scene in there is bloody, here you another fact. You’d never see a single blood drop, simply ’cause cadavers are soaked in “Formalin” to preserve them and, luckily, it washes all the blood out.

• Don’t panic when you see the students or the doctors in there crying, it has nothing to do with sadness or fear. It’s just the Formalin; its smell is too strong to allow you to hold your tears!

• No doubt that some students pass out when they first see the cadavers, but eventually they make friends with them and even give them names sometimes! 😉

• Unlike what the classic Arabic movies show, we don’t hide dead bodies in our bathroom or under the bed (although my skeleton used to sleep under my bed, but just in order not to freak my siblings out!)

• Another interesting fact… Spending two hours staring at a human liver, studying its anatomy, won’t feel disgusting especially when you get used to such thing. The disgusting thing is when you go home later and shockingly find out that your mom has cooked “livers” for lunch!!

• You may not believe it but, trust me, studying human anatomy is a hundred times better than studying worms, mosquitoes, ticks or lice. Ugh!

• And finally, being sarcastic about dead bodies doesn’t mean I’m making fun of them or that I disrespect the sacredness of human’s life. I’m just making fun of our situation, as we’re technically “living with the dead“!!

Hope you’ve finally got the picture… 🙂