Living with the dead!

For the sake of science, medical students need to deal with dead bodies. If you think of them as cold-hearted unsympathetic geeks dissecting flesh, please read this and, hopefully, you’ll realize that you got it wrong…

• Concerning the “dissecting” issue, let me tell you a fact, we’re too innocent to hold that scalpel! The bodies on the tables there are already dissected (by doctors specialized in such field), so all what we get to do is just watching!

• The dissecting room is not a cold gloomy place underground. Surprisingly, it’s a well-lit, well-ventilated room with large windows and many doors. We don’t work in a grave or something!

NO BLOOD!! If you think that the scene in there is bloody, here you another fact. You’d never see a single blood drop, simply ’cause cadavers are soaked in “Formalin” to preserve them and, luckily, it washes all the blood out.

• Don’t panic when you see the students or the doctors in there crying, it has nothing to do with sadness or fear. It’s just the Formalin; its smell is too strong to allow you to hold your tears!

• No doubt that some students pass out when they first see the cadavers, but eventually they make friends with them and even give them names sometimes! 😉

• Unlike what the classic Arabic movies show, we don’t hide dead bodies in our bathroom or under the bed (although my skeleton used to sleep under my bed, but just in order not to freak my siblings out!)

• Another interesting fact… Spending two hours staring at a human liver, studying its anatomy, won’t feel disgusting especially when you get used to such thing. The disgusting thing is when you go home later and shockingly find out that your mom has cooked “livers” for lunch!!

• You may not believe it but, trust me, studying human anatomy is a hundred times better than studying worms, mosquitoes, ticks or lice. Ugh!

• And finally, being sarcastic about dead bodies doesn’t mean I’m making fun of them or that I disrespect the sacredness of human’s life. I’m just making fun of our situation, as we’re technically “living with the dead“!!

Hope you’ve finally got the picture… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Living with the dead!

  1. WoW ! You are our hero ! at last someone put a limit for the misconceptions about studying Anatomy !
    It’s really creative & funny .. god bless you

  2. i really loved every word of it…n i’m about 2 experience what u r writing about soon..well done n keep it up !!!!!!!!

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