The mother who survived… Egypt!

Once upon a time, lived an old mother who’d suffered from cancer for years… She’d always been so lonely although she had many sons, they all had ignored her illness.. None of them had ever considered it as a problem of his… Everyone had been busy worrying about his own problems!

They’d believed she was going to die anyway, tomorrow if not today, whether they sought medical help or not.. They’d watched her die slowly claiming that it was too late to do anything..

Till one day, when her doctor announced that her malignant tumor was growing fast and that she could only live if she had a major surgery to excise it, which would be risky and might cost the mother her life..

 At that moment, the brothers realized how ignorant they were.. They could’ve saved their mother’s life way earlier!! As their conscience have finally awakened, they’ve decided to stand together and do whatever it takes to save their dying mother.. They decided to fix their mistake and get her to do the surgery..

During the surgery, she suffered from major blood loss.. Her sons started donating their blood one after another to save her.. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough.. Her organs started to fail one after another, but it was too late to back out.. They’d give their lives to save hers.. They all gathered on donating their organs!! One donated his liver, the other donated his kidney and another one donated his heart!! They all wanted to sacrifice their lives so their mother could have one!!

After all, the surgery succeeded and the tumor was removed… Of course there were complications after the surgery.. There were some infections and some side effects caused by the medications the mother took… It never was easy, but it didn’t matter as her sons learned the lesson… They’ve learned to be patient, to fight with every weapon they have got and never give up… And most importantly, they learned to be one hand and one team!!

By time, doesn’t matter how long, the weak old mother started gaining her strength a bit by a bit.. She felt sorry for her sons she lost, but inside her heart she was so proud that they finally were “all for one”…

Guys, I know you all got the point of my story.. And of course, medical wise & real life wise, it’s kinda inaccurate & impossible.. But the point is, this is what we should do to save our “Old mother”!! And this is how things should be! Doesn’t matter when, it’s the how that matters… 😉 :D:D

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