Finding today..

Worry, confusion, anxiety, panic or whatever you name it… It’s undeniable that we all have some problems in our lives troubling us, confusing our minds and driving us anxious… Well, if avoiding problems is impossible, dealing with them is a whole different story..

I was shuffling through my problems one day before that  fact did strike my mind.. If you analyze your anxiety, I bet you’ll find out that almost 99.99% of it is either about yesterday; things that have already happened and you’ve got  nothing to do about them… Or about tomorrow; things you’re afraid they’ll happen and you’ll never know that until tomorrow comes and you’re even not sure if they’ll ever happen!! And it got me wondering.. WHERE THE HELL IS TODAY??

Today is literally lost! We usually waste today worrying about yesterday, crying over spilt milk or hopelessly trying to predict tomorrow.. Well, if we stopped and decided for once to only worry about today, maybe there wouldn’t be any problems to cry over or to predict!!

Remember that, whether you want it or not, whether you worry about it or not,  yesterday has happened and tomorrow will too, but only because they’re meant to… So, to cut it short, forget about tomorrow, get over yesterday and start finding today… Today is the way, it’s pretty simple when you think of it .. 😀  😉

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