Reality vs. Fiction!

Remembering our childhood dreams may make us laugh … We find it funny, as those dreams were way crazier than our current ones. When I was young, I used to dream of becoming an astronaut, flying to the space, walking on the moon, discovering new planets & even meeting aliens!!

Sometimes I wonder why our dreams change when we grow up… Maybe it’s because we change as well… Maybe it’s our mind that tends to rationalize. Maybe it’s our tendency to change; we get bored of our childish dreams, so we start having new dreams… Perhaps we become aware that childhood dreams are hard to come by, so we start finding easier dreams!

Whatever the reasons, my dreams were suddenly switched to medicine. I found myself dreaming of becoming a doctor instead of that “astronaut” thing!!

I really doubt that watching “ER” had anything to do with this, but I’m pretty sure that being raised in a family of doctors had absolutely something to do with this in one way or another. Maybe it’s genetical!! Or maybe I just wanted to join the club!

So, when I finished the high school, it was time for that dream (being a doctor) to come true. I have to admit that it’s not as easy when it comes to reality. Firstly, it was as if I set the house on fire when I told my parents what I was thinking!! There was a heated debate as they tried to convince me to pick any faculty but the faculty of medicine (they didn’t want me to suffer).

Well, I respected the fact that they had enough experience. I knew I’m not that hard worker and I’d face many obstacles, but that was my dream & I wanted a chance to make it true…

Eventually, I ended up in the school of medicine ON MY OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Of course, I had many difficulties to face at the beginning, but I learned, and still learning, how to cope up with them.

I just want to say that achieving your dreams can be way harder than you expect, yet it doesn’t mean to stop dreaming. You’d make them true if you tried enough. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I started reconsidering that “astronaut” thing again… Indeed, life is just a “Reality vs. Fiction” game, and deciding the winner is up to you! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Reality vs. Fiction!

  1. Great post! I’ve thought about how my dreams have changed with age as well. When I was a young teenager, and knowing that I was always a creative person (writer and artist), I went through a mini crisis because I felt that my imagination was drifting away! My dreams went from what my stories would be like as movies, being in a land of talking animals, and meeting and exploring with some of my favorite movie characters, to boys and dreams of not fitting in, and now most of the time they’re completely random, replays of my day in my head, dreams of work, or what I have to do tomorrow and how I’ll accomplish it!

    Maybe you can treat all of the sick aliens in space! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment..
      I still believe that whatever your dream is, you have a chance to make it true as long as you’re still alive..
      And if you’re a “creative person”, chances you’ll achieve them are higher.. You only need to be patient, faithful and optimistic.
      And as you said, who knows, maybe i’ll “treat all of the sick aliens in space” one day..

  2. that’s true and that’ so beautiful sara
    u make me live in a sea of lovely words with lovely meanings that end in a good idea
    I must always dream and work enough for my dream
    Many dreams we have through out our lives but there are those that we insist to change from just a thought to a real thing especially when we believe in Allah and then we work
    And that’s what makes us live in that world

  3. ” Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I started reconsidering that “astronaut” thing again… Indeed, life is just a “Reality vs. Fiction” game, and deciding the winner is up to you! ”

    hhhhhhh I enjoyed reading your colorful thoughts .. You ended it with an amazing quote actually ! keep writing .. & i will keep reading especially when it is about medicine ^_^

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