Haunted… Part I.

Life is confusing.. There’re times when we go blind, though the truth is ahead of us. And there’re other times when we see it obviously, even if darkness is all around.. Sometimes, when we don’t know what to believe, we seek the easiest answer ’cause the truth is just too complex and too hard to understand..

It was one cloudy night. The light cold breeze felt so heavy on hitting her as she moved, as if it wanted to stop her from going on with what she intended to do. The sound of the crispy leaves cracking under her feet was loud, as if it tried to warn her from getting closer… Her heart was racing and her breath was getting heavier, as if they were begging her to turn back. But she kept moving..

The house wasn’t so far. Time wasn’t enough for these signs to make her quit. So she kept moving..

She deeply believed, so did all the people in town, that the house next door was haunted.. Every single being in town knew the frightful story of that ghost.. That freaky woman who lately wandered inside and mysteriously killed any breathing creature stepping inside the house..

The woman believed the story, with no doubts.. And why should she doubt?? Her son got in there and never came out. He got undoubtedly killed and nobody ever knew how it happened.. The cops searched every inch in the house and unsurprisingly they found nothing!!

Her last conversation with the sheriff resounded inside her head… Desperately, she begged him to send the cops again to the house to search for her son’s body, but he told her what he tells the others:“Nobody ever entered that house  at night and got out alive or dead.. Your son should’ve considered the house’s history before stepping in there. GOD! He went without my permission! Sorry.. He was such a stubborn and he paid for that ! Ma’am, I wouldn’t  waste my men’s time searching for nothing..”

She had always hated how that nobody could stand for that ghost. She  hated watching that house every day from her window and how her fears crippled her..

She’d  lived a messy life with non-stop headaches. And though she’d got enough sleep, she had always felt tired as if she never slept.. She had always felt chaotic and had got fired from her job.. Her life wasn’t getting any better, yet  her son was the only one who made her feel  like living… And after losing her only reason for living, she didn’t care  how dreadful her end might be. She couldn’t help it anymore, she made up  her mind…

She continued her steady pace one step after another moving like the robot.. As she reached the house, the front door was open waiting for her to get inside. She didn’t hesitate, she kept… MOVING...

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Haunted… Part I.

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  2. Ooooooh! Well that was such a hell of a start. Um fond of ur words, ur writing style & that suspending tone in ur words :),, it really felt like reading one of chales dickens or Sherlok Holms pieces :)))).. Go on 3ashan um realy very excited Ba2a 🙂

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