Haunted.. Part III.

Her legs got fixed so did her eyes, her heart nearly jumped out of her chest and she let a loud gasp when she noticed what was looking at her from the mirror!!

A blurred figure of a woman was eyeing her.. Although it was unclear, she could tell what she was looking at.. That was certainly the “ghost”…

“Where’s my son? What have you done to him?”  Sobbed the shivering woman.

“What are you talking about darling? Asked the “ghost” with a stony wicked grin.

“Why did you kill him?”  She roared madly causing an overwhelming echo in the empty basement. But  the ghost replied with deafening giggles causing the pitiable woman to shiver a whole lot more..

“You’re pathetic indeed!!”  The ghost carried on giggling driving the woman to the point of boiling.. She couldn’t help but stand up striking the mirror aggressively before it swiftly slid aside uncovering what appeared to be a small hidden bathroom.. As she took her first steps inside, she had the same weird feeling, she had definitely seen that place before!! Flickers of those bizarre dreams she’d always seen came across her mind..

It was very cold.. The strange chemical odor that had snuck into her nose, was so strong that it made her cough… Feeling so dizzy, she headed to the basin hitting her face with the cold water.. She trembled when she raised her head up for the blurred figure was gazing  her again from the mirror above the basin..

“Why don’t you just KILL ME?!!”  She pleaded insanely, splashing the water all over the mirror.. Although she couldn’t hide the hatred locked inside her heart for that “ghost”, she had lost the interest in everything including her own life…

“You should’ve realized what’s going on. We’re on the same ship darling!” Said the figure with unexplained delight.

“Who the hell are you?!”  The woman was on the verge of collapse.

“Nothing but a lonely pathetic psychopath..”  Said the the ghost’s fainting voice before it disappeared..

The blurred figure in the mirror began to go clearer till she could recognize who she was looking at.. A  pale woman with dark ragged hair and hopeless eyes.. Her jaw dropped and her heart sunk for she was staring at her reflection in the mirror!!

For a moment, it sounded like a silly joke to her, but moments later, the secret was getting reviled; recollecting the missing pieces, she caught the whole story… The house, the basement and that hidden bathroom where she’d mixed those chemicals to attract the idiots stepping into the house at night looking for the “ghost” to the basement. She could recall how she’d trapped them in that hidden bathroom, how she’d loved that game and how it’d been addictive!! Yet, the truth was very awful, very ugly.. And she was too weak to handle that and too desperate as well to bother where the bodies had disappeared.. Her legs could no longer carry her, she knelt on the floor collapsing…

Hoping that it was just a nightmare she’d be awake from soon, she heard a familiar voice behind her. A voice that she couldn’t state whether it was real or just another part of that non-ending terror..

“I knew you’ll come search for me..” Said the voice..

As she turned back, she couldn’t tell whether that young man standing in front of her was truly her son or just another figure emerging from her sick mind.. She froze, staring blankly at him without uttering a single syllable..

“So this’s how you kill your boredom?? By trying to kill people??! GOD I thought you were getting better.. I should’ve cancelled my night shifts and stayed with you more!!”  He looked so blue, so disappointed and so upset..

“I’m sorry mom!”  He broke into tears. “You’re under arrest!”  He noticed that his mother wasn’t listening.. She felt the room spinning and it was slowly but surely getting darker till everything went black..

As darkness began to decline allowing the sunlight to quietly sneak in, people in the neighborhood including the sheriff witnessed the young cop whom they’d called a “Stubborn” holding  his sweet little “ghost” and stepping out of the no longer haunted house..


The end..

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