Inspiration kills..

Again, I’m out of posts! But this time it has to do neither with writer’s block nor with headaches! Although running out of inspiration drives me blank, blocks my mind, and frustrates me, I never expected too much inspiration to be as frustrating!!
Waves of inspiration have been striking me for the past three weeks; my head’s flooded with thoughts to express, but the hitch is, turning them into words! It’s like leaving a water tap open with no drainage!

If I could take a "snapshot" of my head, It wouldn't be better! Source: Google.

Since my so-messed-up daily routine doesn’t give me any control over its pace, everyday ends with nothing achieved. I can no longer focus. I wrote drafts everywhere; in the blog, in my cell phone, even on the back of my books, but eventually, I gave up and just trapped them inside my head! Being retained, inspired thoughts got tangled with postponed chapters of medicine to study and new skills to learn!! I swear, my closet is now way more organized than my head is!!

I see I’ve slipped into a vicious circle; I need to set a plan before I die drowning in inspiration!!