Because heroes get shot nowadays..

What would you do if you see a photo of a twenty-something guy, shot in the head, you see his lifeless body lying there then you realize he’s a colleague in your class?

I don’t personally know him, but it feels as if I knew him for long, as if he was my brother! I realize he’s just like me, a medical student who attended lectures, studied for hours, hoped he’d be a successful doctor someday, he probably had an upcoming exam, just like every one of us.. I cried my heart out. I cried till I ran out of tears..

And what was his fault? Dropping what he was studying and leaving his home in that cold weather to protest, to call for what he saw right??!!!

R.I.P Alaa Abdelhadi, we all pray for you. You were a hero, but not your fault that heroes get shot nowadays..