Valentine is overrated!

First of all, I have never believed in Valentine.. Setting an annual date to express  your feelings toward the people you love doesn’t make sense at all!! The same goes to Mothers’ day; you’ve got everyday!

Anyway, what really irritates me, is how some people turn it into weeps about how worthless their life is, for being single, and having nobody to share this “holy” Valentine with! Well, the way I see it, single is being lucky enough to have the time and the space to discover your own self.. Yes, what is a relationship after all?? Isn’t it all about sharing your life with someone who actually cares for you? So, how do you share something you have never had?!!

I spent today at home with my family, watching comedy shows, laughing at silly jokes, and with little studying.. That made it a worthy day!

To cut it short, my point here is: How about getting a life, figuring out who you really are, where you want to end up, getting a career you love, and most of all, loving yourself rather than grumbling about being lonely?!! This makes your life a lot worthier, right??

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