Confessions of a semi-doctor: (5) … And then you procrastinate!!

I’ve always been a procrastinator, always! Mom says it reflects no sense of responsibility, this is doubtless, and for a “med-schooler”, it’s also quite risky!!

You get that false sense of security; peace of mind, and you don’t give a damn till a near exam punches you pretty hard! Adrenaline floods you and miraculously, you get the job almost done! You score a B, sometimes C, not so bad! You know you’d score an A+ with a little more effort, but as always, you end up next year exactly the way you were last year!!

Sometimes I think it means I’m strong enough to get through that stress (though I panicked before my finals two years ago!), but I still hate it! And this year is like no other, for the “tons” of pages I  need to study and the new clinical skills I have to learn! And what’s my progress so far?? Less than 10%!!

I still have 6 months till finals knock my door, it ain’t so late (PHEW!), yet I keep wondering when the dropping temperature would stop dragging me down, ’cause I gotta start running to catch the rain I’ve missed!!

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