Five silly things people do on Facebook!

Social networks have now become more like a lifestyle, everybody masters their own online kingdom, and it fools them with fake power and  delusions.. Some people use it properly, but others… you know what I’m talking about; all they deserve is a merciless “block”! Here are the top 5 things that irritate me on Facebook!

1. No offense… but, do I know you?!!

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Who doesn’t love to have hundreds of friends?! But, (hello?!) Facebook is for connecting with your friends, not for making friends with random people, just because you like their profile pictures! It’s how popular you are in real life that counts!

2. Please remind me again, what is the “like” button for??

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As far as I understand, if you post something, it already means you like it. So why on earth like your own posts?!! Also, liking someone’s comment should never mean you like them, or that you want to be friends with them.. Don’t make people regret they agreed once with what you said!

3. Sir, you might want to keep “what’s on your mind” in your mind!

It’s amazing how some people can abuse this little box, and fill it with loads of nonsense and utter inappropriateness.. Thank God there’s a “hide this post” button!  Some people too can provoke you with their plain shallowness! The same goes of course to the “comment” box..

4. I swear I don’t “farmville”!!

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It floods your requests page as well as your home “news feed”! And people insist on inviting you over and over.. My games tab is empty and always will stay that way! I can bet I don’t miss much awesomeness!

5. And “rumor has it”!

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You must have stumbled upon tens of these! And sadly, so many idiots blindly spread that rubbish!

What irritates you??

32 thoughts on “Five silly things people do on Facebook!

  1. They should change the ‘What’s on your mind?’ into: ‘Did you experience, think or read something since your last update that more than just your groopies would find interesting?’. Great post.

  2. I hate it when people rant about religious/political things just to ignite anger. Discussions are nice, sure, but when you’re just doing it to get people up in arms, it’s not so intelligent.

  3. I agree with all of them! Facebook is like going to a really crowded bar where you know most of the people, you only actually like about 4 or 5 of them, and they have all been drinking, and therefore say whatever comes to mind. And then they get upset if you don’t answer, just like a drunk would LOL

  4. THANKS … I really do not need to or want to know that you are eating a donuts or sitting on a bus. Life is so much better than that … also why do people think they are all celebrities? ANd why doe everyone always LOL things?

  5. I hate the vague posts– I am upset, mad, frustrated. Then someone asks them what is wrong/going on and they state- nothing I want to discuss on facebook. Really?? You already have! I have some others who complain about every single thing that goes on in their life. They are always mad at someone, fighting with someone, etc. Then they claim that they would have no problem giving their facebook password to a potential employer because they have nothing to hide. True- but honestly I wouldn’t want to hire someone who seems to have issues with every single relationship and friendship they have. They wouldn’t make working with them very easy, would they?

    I found your blog through the blogger comment club – thanks for letting me visit!

    • You know, I think most of the “vague” people are attention seeking; they want you to ask what’s wrong! However, few people go vague because they have some negative feelings they don’t want to discus, but they just want to let a bit of it out.. I guess it can be healthy somehow!
      Thank you for reading..

  6. Posts that tell me, who is playing which game. I don’t care, honestly! I will not be enticed into playing games on FB. I used to do it in the early days but that was years ago.

    • Me too, I used to play few games when they 1st added games to Facebook.It’s been like 3 years since I last played. Now it’s turning into pure silliness!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  7. I try to stay off FB for many of these silly reasons you list. I was particularly weirded out by people asking me to join their Gangs or Mobs or something last year. Who seriously has time for all those games?

  8. Most of the time I feel a nagging peer-pressureish urge to join Facebook, until I’m reminded of these kinds of things and I remember that the last thing I need is a new way to be annoyed by the other humans.

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