I’ve always been so traditional.. Even when it comes to reading, I’ve never felt comfortable reading on a screen. It just doesn’t feel real; e-books don’t allow me to sense the texture of the pages as they crunch when I flip through the book, and of course, they don’t smell like real books! 😛

However, since technology is now the trend, e-book readers have invaded the market and one can’t just overlook the fact that they’re making the reading experience more enjoyable and closer to reality..

Yesterday, while browsing my mother’s Galaxy-Tab, I noticed the installed “Kobo” reader and saw it was appealing! I’m not sure I’ll stay that interested, but I’ve already downloaded few books and planned to start “e-booking” soon. I might begin with “Pride and Prejudice” for it’s so recommended, but I’m open to any suggestions! 🙂

Image source: kobobooks.com

31 thoughts on “e-booking?!

  1. i’m soooo not into ebooking…at all

    reading on screen just ends up giving me headache and a blurry vision

    but if u want a good book,, i haventi read P&P yet, but i have it and they say it’s actually quite good
    i also LOVE the host, water for elephants the book, not the movie 😀

    • Same here, but I couldn’t help but try the app! The books are for free too! 😛
      If I succeeded with Pride and Prejudice, I might go on and read more.. 🙂
      I’ve downloaded “Around the world in 80 days” as well..

  2. I always prefer *real* books, but I read books on my iPhone all the time. Waiting for the bus, waiting for my coffee, waiting for my food order, in a cab, etc. It’s just so much easier because you don’t have to haul around a book, you can look up words quickly (it has a dictionary! AWESOME!), and whatever you highlight is recorded so you can look it up quickly.

    As for Pride & Prejudice, I love that book. I also highly recommend The Tiger’s Wife, State of Wonder, and Cutting for Stone. All are medical in nature with the protagonist being an MD. If you want something that’s great but not medically related, try The Poisonwood Bible, The Lacuna, Island Beneath the Sea, or 100 Years of Solitude. Those are my favorites off the top of my head!

    • I know, that’s why I said it’s appealing!
      But my eyes don’t feel comfy with screens, they eventually squint and I get headaches.. I’m giving it a try anyway!
      And thanks for your recommendations, I might put them on my “to read” list if I found them interesting..

  3. I have an e-ink Kindle, which is pretty much like reading on paper as far as headaches/vision goes. I love it, but I still read physical books too.

  4. Sara, I feel the same way about reading on an e-book. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I like going back and re-reading passages. I like writing in the book, interacting with the author.

    I received my Kindle a few years ago as a gift and it sat in its box for a few months before I brought it out. When I travelled last summer, I appreciated the availability of having a virtual library in a small space.

    I moved this week, and am in a temporary space until I get into something more permanent, which means that 95% of my possessions are in storage. Last night, my Kindle needed recharging and I realized that “Oops! the cable is in storage (I hope).” I was sad, until I picked up a paperback I’d happened to bring with me and the feel of the book in my hand was reassuring.

    Read books ARE the best!

    I like your blog; thank you for visiting mine.

  5. I agree– I have been holding out on the new e-readers. I love the feel, smell and everything about an actual book. But– it sure would be nice to have several books with me sometimes, like say in a doctor’s office. That way if the book I take in doesn’t suit my mood, I could easily switch to one that does (this happened this morning and I was a bit frustrated, which lead to my blood pressure being up-but that’s another story).

    I found your blog through the Blogger Comment Club- thanks for letting me visit.

  6. I’m with you! I love turning the pages in my fingers, but after getting my SO a kindle a few months ago, I have finally decided I want to get one for myself. I think it’ll be nice to have everything in one place, etc.

  7. Many of the e-readers are not having a good size I am looking for. May be aniPad will be better. I really like the audio books. I can listen to the book and do the chores. That will provide me more time. Multitasking to the limit… right/

  8. I don’t have an e-reader – too many kids underfoot to commit to reading a whole book these days! I’ll wait until the kids are older. By then Kindles will probably come free in cereal boxes. 😉

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