Eight taxi drivers you’d meet in Egypt!

The Egyptian taxi.. Source: Google images.

I’ve been taking cabs to college for like 5 years, which got me dealing with a wide sector of drivers, and let’s state the fact that Egyptian drivers are quite unique and pretty weird as well! Through my experience, I can tell that a majority of them fit under one (or probably more) of the following types:

  • The moderate: Either remains silent, plays Qur’an, or tunes the radio to any news or entertainment channel.
  • The disturbing: Fairly common and incredibly irritating! He feeds on local songs which are insanely loud and completely tasteless. Astonishingly, 90% of drivers in Egypt are that disturbing!
  • The chatty: Stepping into his territory gives him the right to buzz your head with all sorts of political, sports, and even religious discussions. Whether you remain silent or slip into the debate, he just never shuts up.. never!
  • The greedyAlways finds a way to abuse the “taximeter” and illegitimately increase the fare; he’d pick the longest road to your destination, or would just turn it off and ask for double the fare! You’d have to silently pay him ’cause otherwise, he’d make a scene!
  • The reckless: He’s above the traffic rules; no speed limit, no safety measures, and possibly, no driving licence!
  • The furious: Traffic jam drives him mad; he yells and swears at other drivers and passersby! At some point, you might need earplugs!
  • The psycho: Not so common, but you can’t predict him! One might go nuts only because you direct him to the right road, another might just talk to himself!
  • The too good to be real: Acts like your personal chauffeur; too much respect, and a fatherly tone of voice.. You’d then realize it’s your lucky day! 🙂
You might ask why the hell I would take a taxi, but trust me, you  eventually get used to such madness and after all, you always reach your destination safely.. 🙂

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