Scenes: (7) Sunrise!

It’s been a while since I last captured photos; such luxury isn’t at hand with final exams emerging at the horizon. However, I couldn’t help but grab my camera few days back when I happened to be awake to watch the sun rising! 😀






Confessions of a semi-doctor: (8) Five best things about med-school..

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Well, I realized my latest post about college might have reflected “some” negativity, so I thought it’d be fair enough to mention the bright side of the story..

  • We’re on the ship together:

Being in the same class with the same people for 7 years raises that spirit of familiarity;  there’s that common sense of humour and everybody offers their best to help.. It’s one for all and all for one.. 🙂

  • Unleashing your inner doc!

You might think it’s silly, but it feels so good to understand what doctors say, especially on TV! I feel super when I catch up with diagnosis in House or Grey’s Anatomy! 😛

  • The bliss of being normal!

Exploring pain and misery everyday has its benefits; it leaves you thankful for being granted the bliss of health.. And learning how perfectly coordinated your body is can turn your perspectives up side down, it’s amazing!

  • What doesn’t break you leaves you stronger!

I was a 16 year-old naïve teenager when I first stepped into med-school, how cute! And if I think back and rewind the past five years, every tough moment I went through have left a print in my character. I become a lot stronger and much more independent every year.. It’s not easy to learn, but it’s also pretty awesome! 🙂

  • It all pays off!

Doesn’t matter where or what you specialize, ’cause in one way or another, you’re going to help someone get better or save their life, which is the core reason why we all want to be doctors! 🙂

A new nomination..

So Ayesha, the author of the blog Doctoricious!, has nominated me for the “Reader Appreciation Award”.. I’m not posting to brag about being nominated, but I just want thank her for “appreciating” my rambling! 😀

As most of you know, there are rules for accepting such nominations, which involve mentioning few stuff about myself as well as nominating other bloggers, but I really am sorry for having to break the rules. I’m going to save you the headache and of course consider yourself nominated, you all are “appreciated”! 🙂

iQuote: (5) You..

Be you..

“Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for and you will succeed.” ~ Sydney Smith.


“What other people think of you is none of your business.” ~ Paulo Coelho.

And in the end..

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~ Dr. Seuss.

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Confessions of a semi-doctor: (7) Five things we fight for..

My med-school: Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University.. Source: Google images.

Med. school is undeniably tough.. You struggle to gain knowledge and marks as well, but when it comes to med-schools in Egypt, well, it’s a whole different story.. It’s not only about coping with unusual loads of stress, but also having to overcome “few” extra obstacles!

  • Welcome to the troop!

A single alumni alone embraces over than 1700 students, yes, and we’re supposed sometimes to attend in one hall! If we get divided into groups, still one professor is supposed to handle a flock of students! Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to be a major problem here, for in other faculties, it can reach 12000 students per alumni!

  • Where do I learn?

A great percent of the staff don’t really feel like teaching, some may really want you to understand, but they don’t have the skill.. Whether it’s because they’re overwhelmed or because they don’t get sufficiently paid, private lessons is always the answer!

For each subject, pops a doctor or two who have the skill, the patience, and the charisma to teach you the curriculum efficiently, but of course you have to pay A LOT! Unfortunately, this is the trend in here!

  • When Should I study??

Since you have to go to both college (to state your attendance so you don’t lose marks or get expelled), and to the private lessons (to gain the knowledge), you end up spinning the whole day jumping from one place to another (Hint: Cairo’s traffic sucks!), you get no weekends, and when you finally arrive home, you’re too exhausted and so drained that you fall asleep waking up the next day to resume the vicious cycle..

  • What am I supposed to learn?

Medicine of course, but in an academically strict university like mine, we have the heaviest curriculum, the rigid-est and the most extremely unforgiving staff! Everyone has their own rules and they expect you to read their minds.. Sometimes I think they enjoy intimidating us!

  • Where do I end up?

It’s all about your score, the lower it gets, the lesser your chance to find a right job.. Lots of us may stay jobless, not to mention that medical career is one of the least paid in the country.. (I’m not exaggerating!)

P.S. I’m not posting this to complain or resent, I’ve been there for five years and have yet learnt to adapt, it’s a part of being a doctor. I’m just letting you know that it’s unfair to compare us to “Harvard” for instance, ’cause they simply don’t have half the strength or the fighting spirit we have.. 😀