What if I hadn’t had a blog?!

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It’s been a year.. On today’s date last year, I was blogless! It got me wondering, what would I have been doing right now if I hadn’t accidentally created this blog?? And it didn’t take me much thinking to realize this blog has taught me a lot. I expected nothing when I started, but it turned out this little space might have changed my life!

Well, if I hadn’t had a blog…


  • I would’ve been sharing my thoughts on Facebook and they would’ve ended up read by few tagged friends who always give a good feed ’cause I’m their friend! Blogging is more professional, it’s talking to the world, and if people didn’t like your blog, they simply would abandon it!

  • I would’ve not met amazing new people who love to write and share my same interests and views. Where else would we have met?

  • I would’ve not improved my English.. Yes, I’ve learnt much language by reading for others and have found out as well new ways and styles to speak out..

  • I would’ve had a messed up schedule.. Blogging is all about arranging your thoughts and creating time out of no where!

  • I would’ve not exercised my patience.. Checking my traffic and waiting for likes, comments and all! 😉

  • YOU would’ve not found my lovely blog! 😛 😉

What if you hadn’t had a blog??

Kindness never dies..

It feels great when kindness comes from a stranger; from someone who doesn’t know you at all!

Few days ago, I wanted to buy a book from Amazon.com, but the thing is, I don’t have a credit card. I posted on Facebook asking if there was another way to pay, and for my surprise “Shelley Souza” (who didn’t know who I am) sent me a gift card with 10 dollars on my Amazon account! And though I found out later that the book wasn’t available for me to download, Shelly insisted that I keep the card and use it to buy anything else! 🙂

I just felt the least thing I can do to return her favour is to say thank you Shelly! 😀

Going back..

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“I don’t have to suffer!” He thought.

He’s been living in chaos, growing old and lonely. He committed countless sins and wilted much health and wealth, he needed a fresh start..

It didn’t take him much thinking before deciding it was time to take off.  His fingers trembled reaching out for the control panel, yet the machine was set ready and all it took was a click, a second later, he was voyaging back in time..

He landed 30 years earlier, where he exploded with vigor, where he thought he could rewrite the past and clean the mess..

He rejoiced, unaware he travelled all the way long to write the last few lines of the book of his life..