What if I hadn’t had a blog?!

Source: Facebook.

It’s been a year.. On today’s date last year, I was blogless! It got me wondering, what would I have been doing right now if I hadn’t accidentally created this blog?? And it didn’t take me much thinking to realize this blog has taught me a lot. I expected nothing when I started, but it turned out this little space might have changed my life!

Well, if I hadn’t had a blog…


  • I would’ve been sharing my thoughts on Facebook and they would’ve ended up read by few tagged friends who always give a good feed ’cause I’m their friend! Blogging is more professional, it’s talking to the world, and if people didn’t like your blog, they simply would abandon it!

  • I would’ve not met amazing new people who love to write and share my same interests and views. Where else would we have met?

  • I would’ve not improved my English.. Yes, I’ve learnt much language by reading for others and have found out as well new ways and styles to speak out..

  • I would’ve had a messed up schedule.. Blogging is all about arranging your thoughts and creating time out of no where!

  • I would’ve not exercised my patience.. Checking my traffic and waiting for likes, comments and all! 😉

  • YOU would’ve not found my lovely blog! 😛 😉

What if you hadn’t had a blog??