The downsides of a late vacation!

Source: Facebook.

Well, I’m supposed to be having loads of fun making my dreams of a perfectly planned vacation come true, but hello, life doesn’t go the way we plan. Does it?!

I soon started realizing the negatives of having a vacation while everybody else has to work. I’m the only one left at home, which means there’s only one person who gets the cleaning, cooking, and the dishes. When my younger sister misses her school bus, I’m supposed to take her to school. I’m sort of “on call” for everybody!

I’m not grumbling though; I just thought inspiration would flood me once exams end, and I’d be achieving a lot of writing. However, it seems that exams come with inspiration while vacation takes it away! I feel blocked, gave up on NaNoWriMo, and before writing this totally pointless post was thinking hard for anything to write!

That’s it, sorry for wasting your time!

2 thoughts on “The downsides of a late vacation!

  1. Here. Here. Have your own personal National Novel Writing Year instead of month. You’re a great writer. Never Give Up on you and your writing and your dreams of becoming a doctor. You’re almost there. Look how far you’ve come. You are not a waste of my time.

    Celebrate you and all you’ve accomplished!
    Never Give Up!
    Joan Y. Edwards

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