A box of memories..

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Papers and plastic bags have piled on the basement floor as she’s gone on the cleaning chore. She’s sitting there sorting out and labeling what needs recycling and what goes to the trash when an outworn small wooden box grasps her attention. Her fingers reach out to the rusty lock and manage to open the mystery box unveiling a cluster of photos amid other things she can’t make out. A chuckle flees her mouth at recalling the people lining in a photo she picked, memories of the old days float to the surface of her mind..

Back then, she was a typical fool; irresponsible and dreamy. She used to be aimless and clumsy, her priority was her looks and her worst nightmare was missing the prom. That day when she lined up with her friends taking photos was her sweet 16, look at how old she has grown!

Shuffling through the pics, warmth rush into her system as flickers of her old life sneak before her eyes. She bursts out laughing when the memory of the guy who lived next door nudges her, how on earth could she have a crush on a boy with that length of hair or that amount of smoke coming out of his mouth?! Back then she wasn’t aware that manhood isn’t measured with how “funky” one looks!

The squeak of the door behind her draws her back to reality and she turns to face the little girl standing at the doorstep. “Hunnie, what brought you down here? Have you finished your milk?” The girl nodded. “Bravo! Let’s make you a sandwich!”… The box of memories has to wait on the floor until the little girl is fed.

Inspired by The Daily Post At WordPress.com‘s Daily Prompt: “Sweet Sixteen“.

Heh.. Just another pointless post!


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I’ve got nothing substantial to say, so here I am, blurting out random rumblings..

Okay, I started my senior medical year and two weeks later midyear vacation was announced. Such a short semester! I’m now caught up in a cycle of ordinary daily chores; cooking here, cleaning there, a half dozen books to flip through, series to watch.. It’s not so boring after all.

However, there still are few things I’m wondering if I ever will have time to fulfill. Outlining the plot of my novel tops the list; whenever I spin it in my head, everything goes upside down and I have to start over weaving the threads one after another.

Another thing, political-wise, Egypt is back on fire. As if we’re never meant to touch a slight peace of mind, as if we’re destined to bleed eternally..

Heh.. That’s it!

Why I love watching Psych!

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All of the series that drove me to laugh, the most hilarious one is Psych. I remember randomly stumbling by it few years back on TV, and I ended up stalking every episode of every season. So here’s why it hooked me:

* Comedy is neither about clumsily lame body movements nor throwing some jokes and “driving them into the ground” to waste time. That’s why I’ve never been such a huge fan of sitcoms, and that’s exactly what I love about Psych. The whole situation would crack you up without any exaggeration.

* Gus; the sincere friend and Lassie; the self-centered unfriendly cop! Although non of them is the main character  I come to believe they are the real stars of the show! You need to watch it to see how it works.

* The state of mind. I find the idea of a brilliantly observant guy pretending to be a psychic and using his wits to work with the police on solving  crimes very appealing.

That’s pretty much enough for now.. What are your favorite comedy series??