Heh.. Just another pointless post!


Source: Google images.

I’ve got nothing substantial to say, so here I am, blurting out random rumblings..

Okay, I started my senior medical year and two weeks later midyear vacation was announced. Such a short semester! I’m now caught up in a cycle of ordinary daily chores; cooking here, cleaning there, a half dozen books to flip through, series to watch.. It’s not so boring after all.

However, there still are few things I’m wondering if I ever will have time to fulfill. Outlining the plot of my novel tops the list; whenever I spin it in my head, everything goes upside down and I have to start over weaving the threads one after another.

Another thing, political-wise, Egypt is back on fire. As if we’re never meant to touch a slight peace of mind, as if we’re destined to bleed eternally..

Heh.. That’s it!

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