What is love anyway??

Source: Facebook.

Source: Facebook.

Love isn’t something you press a button to get, or a ready-packed thing you give either. It’s not that materialized, magnified, fake delusion of Romeo and Juliet, and it’s much deeper than exchanging presents, or blurting out clichés.

Love is rather simple, real simple; it includes before anything loving everyone and everything. It’s not only about being with “the one”, but also being the one. Love comes in the smallest things, the tiniest deeds. It’s just about knowing how to care, commit, and compromise.

So how do see love??

49 thoughts on “What is love anyway??

  1. no one can love or feel of being loved before his heart being filled by love seeds , love is like seeds which must be found in the heart and so it can grow up by time , sometimes we love people from the first sight , from the first moment that we meet them we feel comfortable and so the step of watering the seeds for growing up is begun
    the net result NO SEEDS = NO LOVE NO WATERING = NO LOVE

  2. I see love as something you have to give yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, truly and without compromise, you can’t in turn truly love others! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I think we probably have a lot in common, I’ll be following you for sure!!

  3. القلب الذى لا يعرف الحب فى كل صوره (حب الله والرسول والوطن والوالدين…حب الخير لكل الناس )قلب لا يعرف السعادة ولا العطاء ولاالتسامح وفى هذه الكلمات الثلاث تكمن الراحة النفسية

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  5. I like how you said you need to also BE the one, not just find the right one. I’ve been with my husband 23 years and I’ve also learned you have to find someone whose faults are something you can live with, because love changes…and usually when people stop loving each other it’s due to a fault they had all along, but love blinded them to it in the beginning. And you need to have a sense of humor. A SERIOUS sense of humor. Like seriously. Serious.

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