Scenes: (10) Accidental awesomeness!

Photography for me has always been mere a click on the shutter button and waiting for what comes. The other day my friend showed me some photos she captured using her professional camera. It got me jealous to be honest, I spent the rest of the day reading my camera’s manual, and astonishingly, I discovered pretty awesome features I never was aware that my modest camera has!

Here’re some photos I shot at college today!

“Color accent” effect.


“Color accent” effect, same tree.


Same tree, “Super Vivid effect”.













*** Picture11

*** Picture12

*** Picture13


This one’s at home! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Scenes: (10) Accidental awesomeness!

  1. جميلة جدا …
    عمري ما شفت حد بيقرا كتالوج اي حاجة :)) بس لو قرايته بتطلع حاجات حلوة كده نقراه …:)) الدرس المستفاد : اقرا الكتالوج ياعم !

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