23 things before turning 23!

Source: Facebook.

Well, I’ve always been such a disoriented, clumsy quitter. I never plan, and when I do, I never follow what I schedule. Few days back, I read a post by Sara Turner titled: 26 Things Before 26, and for a change, I decided to get out of my comfy zone and set the challenge!

Here are 23 things I’d love to do before my next birthday on February 2! 😀

  1. Finish my novel(s).
  2. Win NaNoWriMo.
  3. Scrub-in: Preferably in an eye surgery.
  4. Score an A in at least one subject.
  5. Be among the top 1st 500 students in my class: We’re near 1500, and it ain’t as easy as it seems; I’m now the 617th!
  6. Reach my ideal weight…. (In progress).
  7. Finish “Insanity” workouts without twisting any joints…. (In progress).
  8. Learn to swim…. (In progress).
  9. Learn another sport.
  10. Learn to dance.
  11. Improve my photography skills.
  12. Earn drivers’ license: I learnt driving 4 years ago and have been delaying applying for the exam ever since!
  13. Read 20 books at least, including the Qur’an: It would’ve been a piece of cake, if it wasn’t for the medical books I have to read as well!
  14. Inspire someone(s).
  15. Speak French.
  16. Play guitar.
  17. Bake a successful cheesecake: Since every trial so far has ended with failure.
  18. Go skating: I haven’t skated for 4 years!
  19. Climb a mountain, scuba-dive or jump with a parachute: I bet mom won’t let me though!
  20. Volunteer in a cause.
  21. Join a book club.
  22. Visit brand new places without traveling abroad.
  23. Fall in love.. Or not..

I’m pinning the list into my pages’ bar until mission’s accomplished. And for the record, the only thing I haven’t yet quitted is this blog! But it was unplanned at all! 🙂