Am I dreaming or it’s really my SITS day?!

Alright, I don’t know where to start! I’ve been awaiting this day for months, who doesn’t love to get featured in the fabulous SITS girls site?! Being overwhelmed with that sum of appreciation and encouragement is just so moving that it made me want to cry!

When I started this blog, it was just an outlet for the ramblings jumbled inside my head. I expected nothing except for few complements. But today, I almost got an arrest when I found 277 visitors in my stats, hailing from everywhere around the globe, telling me they love my style, the blog’s title or the design. I truly am unable to express how blessed andΒ gratefulΒ I feel ! :’)


Total visits today!

Total visits today!

24 thoughts on “Am I dreaming or it’s really my SITS day?!

  1. Congratulations! So happy for you! I posted earlier and I really do love your blog! So, so pretty. And you’re a great writer. My friend and I have started a blog series called HerStories: Tales of Friendship, and I think yours would be a unique voice to participate. (We’re both thirtysomething women with small kids, and most of the women we’ve gotten who’ve written pieces have been the same!) Could you tell us about a meaningful female friendship that shaped your life? Here’s one of the articles that I wrote about our project today for another site…. We’d really love to hear your story, and it would be posted on our blogs…

  2. Happy SITS day!! I have been trying to leave a comment daily for each of the featured writers but for some reason it doesn’t show up once I hit “post”. I think it is going into there Spam folder.Anyway, just wanted to say hello ad enjoy your special day!

  3. Happy SITS day, indeed! I just found this amazing resource TODAY, on YOUR day. WOW. I am seriously impressed at all the love and encouragement. I think I’ve found the right place for me and I am SO happy for you! I thought your post was super-cute! Have an amazingly blessed weekend, my dear! {Psst… I’m now following you. Happy SITS-birthday!!}

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