Doing the undoable!

Source: Google images.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon the documentary “Man on Wire” about Philippe Petit; the man who spent six years planning for a high-wire walk between the World trade center’s twin towers, back in 1974. It got me astonishingly impressed, not only because of the ablaze persistence he and his team had, but also because he had the guts to break all the rules in order to make his dream come true. That moved me to tears!

The walk was called the “artistic crime of the century”, yes, he was arrested! I do recommend you all to read about it!

“He walked the wire for 45 minutes, making eight crossings between the towers, a quarter of a mile above the sidewalks of Manhattan. In addition to walking, he sat on the wire, gave knee salutes and, while lying on the wire, spoke with a gull circling above his head.” ~ Wikipedia.

“His high-wire performance made headlines around the world. When asked why he did the stunt, Petit would say, ‘When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk.'” ~ Wikipedia.

Now the question is, how many of us dare to walk their own wire??

Check out this video, I don’t know why it made me cry!

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