Beginners’ luck!

You must remember how I kept begging you all to like my photo, so I could qualify to the final level of my school’s photography contest. Well, it paid off! The winner is declared and guess what? C’est moi!! 😀

Though I’m nothing but an amateur beginner, I was told the “jury”  got so impressed by  my photos and that I got the highest score! YAAY! 😀

Here’s a sample of my entries:

© (Copyrights reserved) 









For the record, it was an unofficial contest, which means the winner gets nothing, but I feel so happy and proud!

It’s beginners’ luck! 😉 😀

6 thoughts on “Beginners’ luck!

  1. MashaAllah!! If I say what my thoughts are about your pictures I’d simply be repeating what Kaye has already said. Congratulations Miss photographer! 😀

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