iCook: (1) No cheese cheesecake!

It’s been a while since I last showed up! Things are pretty messed up; there’re classes as usual,  a swelling photography mania, plus the recent obsession with getting in shape! So I’ve been working out, watching my calories and digging the internet for healthy recipes.

Now who said a cheesecake can’t be healthy?? All you need is to eliminate butter, cream, biscuits, cheese and… o’ oh! Don’t worry I figured it out! I combined two recipes I found on the internet and here’s the result!

Yogurt and oats cheesecake!

Yogurt and oats cheesecake (Serves 6-8 people)!

  • Ingredients:

– 1 cup ground oats.

– 2-3 egg whites.

– 1 tbsp. honey.

– 2 packs plain yogurt (the lower in fat the better).

– 2 cups milk powder.

– 1 cup sugar or any sweetener.

– Strawberry jam for the topping (or whatever you want).

  • Preparation:

For the base: Roast the oats in a pan until golden, then mix with egg whites and honey, and spread in the bottom of whatever you’ll bake in.

The fillingMix the milk, yogurt and sugar then blend together until smooth. Pour over the base.

– Bake in 160-180ْْ C until it starts to thicken or gets a golden-ish tinge.

– Cool down in the fridge.

The topping: Add 1 tsp. strawberry jam to each serving and bon appétit!

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