Beasting up!

On this date last year, I could never imagine that I’d look at the mirror to see myself in good shape or that bodybuilding would ever cross my mind! Let’s rewind a bit and go back to the very beginning…

Alright, I gained weight throughout the past 6 years of medschool, and since all diet plans failed because food was how I soothed my stress, working out seemed to be the last resort! 

I started with Insanity, but two weeks later I had to quit due to a knee injury; both knees actually! My senior year had started then and I got immersed in more stress and more calories. The thought of becoming diabetic haunted me, yet it wasn’t before accidentally stumbling upon My Fitness Pal when I got my second boost! I do owe that site! 

Source: Google images.

Recording your daily caloric intake as well as your exercises not only motivates you to stay on track, but also helps restrain your binge. Why? Because people are watching! Having friends in there who check out my daily progress helped me stay serious! 

So I gave Insanity another shot, three weeks later, I twisted my ankle! That was when I realized how vigorous workouts don’t suit me, and it was time for Turbo Jam to come in! It was a lot less intense and WAY more fun! I ended two rounds with good transformation, but still I craved more success.

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A friend on My Fitness Pal suggested Body Beast, which is basically a 3-month weight lifting program. I was intimidated and had dozens of questions, so she sent me to this amazing Facebook group for women doing Body Beast, and I really have to say I owe these women big time! They were (and still are) incredibly supportive and encouraged me to JUST DO IT!

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I never imagined I’d ever be able to lift 8 KG dumbbells, or that I’d ever be up at midnight doing squats and lunges, or that I’d push myself until the very end! And here I am, done with my 1st round and absolutely proud of the results! Oh God I can finally see some muscle definition, everybody tells me I have changed a lot, and you know what, I just feel like a champion! 

I’m starting my second round tomorrow, and will keep going on BEASTING UP! 😀