iCook: (3) Abracadabra! Now your pastry is lighter!

You  crave cupcakes? Waffles? Pancakes? Cookies?! What about the calories?? A bummer, right?!

I personally had hard time when I first started dieting. I love all sorts of pastries and have always cheated, and the calories have always hunted me down. So I started digging for alternatives. You might have already read dozens of articles about using lighter substitutes for baking, but this is a personal experience that worked pretty well!

  • Wheat bran!

Source: Google images.

I couldn’t find whole wheat flour in the nearby supermarket, so wheat bran was such a great alternative. Cutting down half the flour serving and replacing it by bran will do the trick. There are other flours, like coconut flour, but honestly, I haven’t used any.

  • Skimmed milk!

Source: Google images.

Well, less fat = less calories. You can use almond or soy milk of course, but I guess skimmed cow milk is less expensive and the most available.

  • Replacing the sugar!

Source: Google images.

I use my whey protein as the only source of sugar in the pastry, it gives me high protein plus a light sugary taste. If you don’t want to use protein powders, you may go for Stevia or any sugar replacement (I personally don’t prefer that option). If you’re making a salty recipe, then even better; you won’t need sugar at all! πŸ˜›

  • Tasteless, but healthy!

Source: Google images.

If you want to make your pastry healthier, you may add other protein sources, my favourite pick is flaxseed. It’s tasteless, but totally useful. You may use oats as well.

There you go, now go indulge yourself with a guiltless cookie! πŸ˜€

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