Bibliophilia: (6) The Fault In Our Stars

Source:Google images.

 Well, this doubtlessly is a really good book; deep, strong and above all real. I am short on time these days, because my finals are three weeks far, but the moment I started reading, I found myself plunged into the world of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, the battles each of them fought, and the pains they had to  conquer.  I also loved how the author wrapped up the novel.

The story got my tears flowing, but it honestly did not crush my heart, and I did not burst out crying as I did during The Kite Runner, which so far is the most heart-wrenching book I have ever read.

I’m looking forward to reading more by John Green, and now that he’s  joined the list of my “worth-reading” authors, I think it’s fair to give this book 4 and a half stars..

Source:Google images.

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