Bibliophilia: (14) The Forty Rules Of Love

Source: Goodreads.

This is my first time to give up on a book. Halfway through, I just couldn’t go further, for every thought the author conveyed provoked me. The mere character of Shams was confusing. I don’t know much, but if Shams symbolised Sufism, then he made it sound like complete nonsense; utter crap!

The so called “forty rules” rather complicated the love of God than simplify and elaborate it. I could sense a repelling tone of superiority in Shams’s words; as if ordinary people who embrace the moderate path of Islam are brain-washed and misguided. Perhaps I haven’t grasped the meanings the author wanted me to understand,  but I’m not willing to give this book a second chance.

13 thoughts on “Bibliophilia: (14) The Forty Rules Of Love

  1. It’s called “Forty Rules of Love”. What did you expect?

    Who knows, maybe I will give it a read anyways. Ah… I want to know why you disliked it so much.

  2. Are you crazy ? its the best book i have ever read so far, after reading it it made me bought another of elif shakaf novels, i loved this novel, tell me why you didnt like it ?

          • for me its the other way around, At the end of novel Shams compeld rumi to do things which will make people stop loving him, Rumi was a kind of celebraty so he destroyed all his fame to make him a normal person again. he convinced a sharia scholar who was wearing expensive cloth n shams was wearing torn cloths.yes i can get it every one has his/her own perception. just like me never liking how to train ur dragon 2. bt i learnt alot form this novel.

          • When we make a change,from duneya to deen,we have this kind of ego that we are on right path n we hate others who r on the wrong,Shams corrected me in a lovely way ,” Each one of us was created by the hands of Allah, and then Allah breathed his own spirit into us” instead of heating some one and feel suppiror , have we ever tried to see the Spirit of Allah in the sinner ? For which we can hope to see them change ? even in Quran,Allah telling Moses Pbuh to go and preech Pharoh in best possible way,Show him the serpant if we can see the sign,bt nt commanding Moses to throw ur serpant it will turn into a serpant n it will eat pharoh. no , even try for him to see him return back to Allah

  3. This novel is breathtaking for me from the start to the end, im a kind of guy who loves to watch movies, play video games, go to gym but reading a novel is nt my thing, bt this one it blew away my mind. Elif Shafak wrote it in a way that left me in bafflement. may be i get it, u didnt like the character of shams and for me it was shams and rumi live which made me fall in love with the novel.even in the reality shams was hated by many n so was in novel, bt he changed the way i used to judge others.

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