Camping with NaNoWriMo!

Whining about my hospital duties almost made me forget, I have been a NaNoWriMo camper the past month. Although I haven’t met my writing goal, I can count myself a winner; because all my past novelling trials haven’t exceeded 3-4 chapters. This time, however, I managed to write 21 chapters! I am quite certain most of it will end up in trash, but that is just the natural course of writing; you write, delete, write again, delete again, until you wind up having something that wasn’t even on your mind when you started.

My goal was 20000 words, and I ended up with 16899, 5047 words of which I wrote on the last day; that’s a record! I could have cheated and set my time zone to the US timing, and won 7 more hours, but I was pretty satisfied (also pretty tired that my fingers were tingling)!



The hard work isn’t over, but I think I’m ready to win the next July camp! 😉 😀

23 things before turning 23: Review!

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So, in case you haven’t already stumbled upon my list, I had until my 23rd birthday (yesterday) to cross these 23 things off. I haven’t fulfilled half the list, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I managed to meet. 

  1. Finish my novel(s): I’m not proud to declare that my “Work In Progress” is still in progress, but in my defense, senior year ate up both my time and energy.
  2. Win NaNoWriMo: Same as above, plus, my finals started in November!
  3. Scrub-in: Preferably in an eye surgery: Didn’t happen! :/
  4. Score an A in at least one subject: Now this sounds ridiculously hilarious, because my score, in fact, has dropped big time! I’m so grateful that I actually passed, and thank God my cumulative score went unaffected.
  5. Be among the top 1st 500 students in my class: LOL! Okay, let’s say I managed to cling to the top 791! (My class is around 1500).
  6. Reach my ideal weight: Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m halfway there.
  7. Finish “Insanity” workouts without twisting any joints: I didn’t, but I finished 2 rounds of Turbo Jam, and 2 rounds Body Beast! That’s definitely SOMETHING!
  8. Learn to swim.
  9. Learn another sport: Started Judo a month ago. 😀
  10. Learn to dance: Not yet!
  11. Improve my photography skills.
  12. Earn drivers’ license: Still postponing! :/
  13. Read 20 books at least, including the Qur’an: Finished only 5! 😦
  14. Inspire someone(s): Well, some friends claim that I did. 😀
  15. Speak French: In progress.
  16. Play guitar: I wasn’t that lucky..
  17. Bake a successful cheesecake: Done, more than once! 😀
  18. Go skating: Not yet.
  19. Climb a mountain, scuba-dive or jump with a parachute: My most precious achievement! Check this post!
  20. Volunteer in a cause: Not yet.
  21. Join a book club: I did actually create one. Wanna join?? Here!
  22. Visit brand new places without traveling abroad: Go to number 19.
  23. Fall in love: I wasn’t that fortunate.

Coming soon: 24 things before turning 24!

Because Facebook’s “Community Standards” SUCK!

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How many times have you reported something on Facebook, and they returned your report saying that content wasn’t removed as it doesn’t violate their community standards??! For me, it happened dozens of times! I stumble all the time upon pages that incite hate speech, discrimination and lies, but the Facebook guys seem to be too reckless to thoroughly check these things! A page doesn’t have to post pornography to be inappropriate, there are endless ways!

Yesterday some friends of mine found out their public photos were stolen and got posted on a page with sexually explicit comments on them! I know Facebook is infested with psychopaths, but I’ve never imagined something like this would happen! My friends and I reported the page, and the usual response got me so furious! How can stealing people’s photos not violate their Goddamn standards?!

Now I’m literally begging whoever reads this post to go to the following link and report that dirty page. Just open the page, click that star right to the “message” button and click “report”. Choose “it harasses me or a friend”. Maybe if so many people reported, the page would get banned.. Here’s is the link, and I apologize for having to post such an inappropriate thing:

Again I beg you, PLEASE report it!

UpBeAt ViBeS.. A new page!

Well, you might already know I am an admin of the Facebook page “LeT’s StAy MoTiVaTeD“; or actually was. I’ve deactivated my account and created a new one (a very long story), and have consequently lost my admin access to the page.

So I created a brand new page, and I need your support. Please Like the page (on Facebook, not this post)! Here’s the link:


A painful epiphany!

I always avoid conversations with taxi drivers, particularly political ones. But somehow I slipped into the following one!

Driver: Which side are you on? (Rab’a protesters or the military side).

Me: None. (Just to end the conversation).

Driver: One should make sure they’re on the right side. Right??

Me: I don’t know which side is right. (again trying to opt out the debate).

Driver: You should just follow your heart. What did you feel when you watched the dead bodies on Al Jazeerah channel?

Me: ………….

*Few minutes later*

Driver: You really have to comfort me and tell me which side are you on?

Me: Why does it matter?

Driver: I need to know there still is goodness in the country.


Driver: You’re right. Remaining silent and all. You know, back during January’s revolution, everybody spoke up, now everybody’s too scared to talk.

That was the moment I realized I was afraid to speak, just like before January 25! I wanted to scream it out loud and tell him no, I am on the right side, I am against butchering innocent people and cremating their bodies. I support people’s right to protest and letting their voice be heard, I am longing for freedom… But I just remained silent!

Driver: I grieved over that massacre’s martyrs more than I grieved over my mother’s death!

Me: …………………

Driver: Okay. If you support Sisi and army forces, just remain silent.

Me: I don’t…. *Trying not to break into tears*

Driver: Thank God. *Exhales*

Beasting up!

On this date last year, I could never imagine that I’d look at the mirror to see myself in good shape or that bodybuilding would ever cross my mind! Let’s rewind a bit and go back to the very beginning…

Alright, I gained weight throughout the past 6 years of medschool, and since all diet plans failed because food was how I soothed my stress, working out seemed to be the last resort! 

I started with Insanity, but two weeks later I had to quit due to a knee injury; both knees actually! My senior year had started then and I got immersed in more stress and more calories. The thought of becoming diabetic haunted me, yet it wasn’t before accidentally stumbling upon My Fitness Pal when I got my second boost! I do owe that site! 

Source: Google images.

Recording your daily caloric intake as well as your exercises not only motivates you to stay on track, but also helps restrain your binge. Why? Because people are watching! Having friends in there who check out my daily progress helped me stay serious! 

So I gave Insanity another shot, three weeks later, I twisted my ankle! That was when I realized how vigorous workouts don’t suit me, and it was time for Turbo Jam to come in! It was a lot less intense and WAY more fun! I ended two rounds with good transformation, but still I craved more success.

Source: Google images.

A friend on My Fitness Pal suggested Body Beast, which is basically a 3-month weight lifting program. I was intimidated and had dozens of questions, so she sent me to this amazing Facebook group for women doing Body Beast, and I really have to say I owe these women big time! They were (and still are) incredibly supportive and encouraged me to JUST DO IT!

Source: Google images.

I never imagined I’d ever be able to lift 8 KG dumbbells, or that I’d ever be up at midnight doing squats and lunges, or that I’d push myself until the very end! And here I am, done with my 1st round and absolutely proud of the results! Oh God I can finally see some muscle definition, everybody tells me I have changed a lot, and you know what, I just feel like a champion! 

I’m starting my second round tomorrow, and will keep going on BEASTING UP! 😀

A doctor or a terrorist?!!

Arabic readers, please read this post. Many doctor colleagues got arrested by security forces and were called terrorists by Egyptian media! Some of them are my classmates! 

طبيب أم إرهابي؟!!.

Beginners’ luck!

You must remember how I kept begging you all to like my photo, so I could qualify to the final level of my school’s photography contest. Well, it paid off! The winner is declared and guess what? C’est moi!! 😀

Though I’m nothing but an amateur beginner, I was told the “jury”  got so impressed by  my photos and that I got the highest score! YAAY! 😀

Here’s a sample of my entries:

© (Copyrights reserved) 









For the record, it was an unofficial contest, which means the winner gets nothing, but I feel so happy and proud!

It’s beginners’ luck! 😉 😀

Doing the undoable!

Source: Google images.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon the documentary “Man on Wire” about Philippe Petit; the man who spent six years planning for a high-wire walk between the World trade center’s twin towers, back in 1974. It got me astonishingly impressed, not only because of the ablaze persistence he and his team had, but also because he had the guts to break all the rules in order to make his dream come true. That moved me to tears!

The walk was called the “artistic crime of the century”, yes, he was arrested! I do recommend you all to read about it!

“He walked the wire for 45 minutes, making eight crossings between the towers, a quarter of a mile above the sidewalks of Manhattan. In addition to walking, he sat on the wire, gave knee salutes and, while lying on the wire, spoke with a gull circling above his head.” ~ Wikipedia.

“His high-wire performance made headlines around the world. When asked why he did the stunt, Petit would say, ‘When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk.'” ~ Wikipedia.

Now the question is, how many of us dare to walk their own wire??

Check out this video, I don’t know why it made me cry!

Take a look at my bright future!!

Check the following photos for a few seconds, and think…

Source: Facebook.

Source: Facebook.

Source: Facebook.


… Then let me answer a few question that must have popped out:

  • Why are they dressed like doctors?? They simply are doctors.
  • Why are they out in the streets cleaning cars and selling book and tissues? Well, they’re not collecting money for some cause or charities.

To put it straight, that’s how Egyptian doctors protested today against their inhumanely low income! Medical career is one of the least paid in the country. Believe it or not, the protesters claim the money they made today was a lot more than their salaries! Did you know that a recent graduate doctor earns 256 Egyptian pounds per month (less than 40 dollars)?! Need I mention the improperly tough job circumstances??

It doesn’t shock me, for I joined med-school fully aware of the future lying ahead. It’s just a good chance to tell you how I love medicine in spite of everything!