Because she’s simply that adorable! :)

Whenever I think my whole life back and rewind the tape in my head over and over, I see how  often I panicked, stumbled, and fell over my face.. I also see her; always taming my fear, picking my hand, and lifting me up!


She’s that kind of confident, strong multitasking women who is strict, yet knows well how to have fun; a woman whose sarcasm gets you rolling on the floor laughing.. A genius doctor who also happens to be a great cook, a creative hairdresser, a good listener, a best friend and a lot more. She has this way of scolding you and making you laugh at yourself in the same moment, always encouraging you do what you love to do, but not on the account of your duties.. That kind of people you can’t recall a moment of happiness or misery without her always being on your side..

Source: Facebook.

To her I say Happy mothers’ day, not only today, but in every given day of my life. To here I say thank you; for being you, and for making me who I am.. ♥ ♥  😀

A “blessed” birthday!!

“21 is the age of responsibility. Give it a few months and you will be wondering why you were in such a hurry to get here.” ~ Unknown.

Today I turn page 21 of my life. I never thought of it as a bewitching event! What is so interesting about having more “responsibilities”?!!

However, birthdays are all about greetings, family, friends, gifts and cheerful stuff. And whether I like it or not, getting older is out of my hands, I’d better enjoy the day and have fun. I’m quite aware of this, no weeping.. But wait, what if my birthday is linked to death?! Yes, death and disasters!!

2 Feb, “Combat of camels”… I was born on that date too!

That was last year, people will never forget that very date, not because I was born of course, but because people got killed! I wanted to get over and move on this year, but over 70 got killed in Port Said last night (another nasty act planned by SCAF)!!! Today is literally a tragic day in here, there’s mourning, prayers for the martyrs, and marches against SCAF! How dare I consider the thought of celebrating?!!

Sarcastically, a friend of mine tweeted me this, she’s right somehow!

Translation: “Your birthday causes us troubles every year by the way!!”

“#Feb2” is being hash-tagged on Twitter now, and the Tweets aren’t any pleasing! I wonder, can’t we omit this deathly date from the calendar?!