Because Facebook’s “Community Standards” SUCK!

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How many times have you reported something on Facebook, and they returned your report saying that content wasn’t removed as it doesn’t violate their community standards??! For me, it happened dozens of times! I stumble all the time upon pages that incite hate speech, discrimination and lies, but the Facebook guys seem to be too reckless to thoroughly check these things! A page doesn’t have to post pornography to be inappropriate, there are endless ways!

Yesterday some friends of mine found out their public photos were stolen and got posted on a page with sexually explicit comments on them! I know Facebook is infested with psychopaths, but I’ve never imagined something like this would happen! My friends and I reported the page, and the usual response got me so furious! How can stealing people’s photos not violate their Goddamn standards?!

Now I’m literally begging whoever reads this post to go to the following link and report that dirty page. Just open the page, click that star right to the “message” button and click “report”. Choose “it harasses me or a friend”. Maybe if so many people reported, the page would get banned.. Here’s is the link, and I apologize for having to post such an inappropriate thing:

Again I beg you, PLEASE report it!

Five silly things people do on Facebook!

Social networks have now become more like a lifestyle, everybody masters their own online kingdom, and it fools them with fake power and  delusions.. Some people use it properly, but others… you know what I’m talking about; all they deserve is a merciless “block”! Here are the top 5 things that irritate me on Facebook!

1. No offense… but, do I know you?!!

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Who doesn’t love to have hundreds of friends?! But, (hello?!) Facebook is for connecting with your friends, not for making friends with random people, just because you like their profile pictures! It’s how popular you are in real life that counts!

2. Please remind me again, what is the “like” button for??

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As far as I understand, if you post something, it already means you like it. So why on earth like your own posts?!! Also, liking someone’s comment should never mean you like them, or that you want to be friends with them.. Don’t make people regret they agreed once with what you said!

3. Sir, you might want to keep “what’s on your mind” in your mind!

It’s amazing how some people can abuse this little box, and fill it with loads of nonsense and utter inappropriateness.. Thank God there’s a “hide this post” button!  Some people too can provoke you with their plain shallowness! The same goes of course to the “comment” box..

4. I swear I don’t “farmville”!!

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It floods your requests page as well as your home “news feed”! And people insist on inviting you over and over.. My games tab is empty and always will stay that way! I can bet I don’t miss much awesomeness!

5. And “rumor has it”!

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You must have stumbled upon tens of these! And sadly, so many idiots blindly spread that rubbish!

What irritates you??

Another dose of questions..

And the cycle of questions keeps spinning.. I never was into this “chain-post” thing, but when people ask interesting questions, you can’t help but answer ! 🙂

Here are Better this way‘s questions..

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1. What book are you currently reading?

Again.. “A thousand splendid suns”. But if you mean medical books, then it’s “Basics of dermatology”!! 😛

2. If you could live in any country/city in the world, which would it be?

Let me think.. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris, but not that I want to live there. I love Cairo where I live now; it’s crowded and noisy, but I love it! My second favorite place is Abu Dhabi.. 🙂

3. If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Endless faith, endless patience, and endless wishes perhaps??! 😛

4. Blackberry or Iphone?

Neither nor!! What’s wrong with Samsung or Nokia phones?! People blindly follow the trend, but I’ve never been that trendy!

5. What’s one thing that you can do really well?

Writing I guess?? Or If not, I’m a professional procrastinator! 😉

6. Harry Potter or Twilight? (you shouldn’t even have to think about it).

HARRY POTTER!! And yes, of course I shouldn’t think about it; Twilight actually stinks, I’d never like a shiny blood-sucking creature, even if it was “Edward Cullen”!

7. Name one song that could be the anthem to your life right now?

I’m not that into music, so honestly nothing is on my mind now. You can pick any song about moving on and hoping for the best.. 🙂

8. If you could meet any famous person from the past, who would it be and why?

That would be the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).. If he was here, I’d want him to rule the country, for the people in charge now have turned everything into chaos!

9. Favourite movie of all time?

You’ve got mail, also the Arabic-dubbed version of A bug’s life, it’s a lot more hilarious! 🙂

10. If you could spend the whole day doing just one thing, what would it be?

It depends, sometimes I can spend the whole day writing what’s on my mind, sometimes facebooking and tweeting, sometimes just sleeping, and sometimes literally doing nothing!

11. Who in your life inspires you the most?

My mother. 😀