It’s called hope..

“Life is a road full of twists and turns. Learn to enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy it is. For every twist and every turn, a blessing is always given in return.” ~ Anonymous author.

You never know where the “ride” leads or when it ends. Sometimes it takes you where sun shines and birds sing on blooming trees. But there come some “stations” where it blacks out, leaving you in dark tunnels where ghosts linger.. It scares the hell out of you, but it leaves you no other choice, you need to get through. You wish you had a source of light, so you can make your way out..

Well, it’s not as horrifying as it seems, if you realize that those ghosts are nothing but your fear. You’re never aware of it until it haunts your heart.. The longer it settles in there, the more it impairs you and the longer you listen to it, the more it controls you..

And that light you need, comes from your inside, it’s called hope.. The longer it gleams in there, the more it directs you and the longer you hold on to it, the more it empowers you..

I’ve been through lots of dark moments, well, who hasn’t?! I freaked out, I panicked, but that only got them darker!

Only when I reminded myself I wasn’t on my own, and that God had put me there for a damn good reason, only then, I could let go of my fears, conquer darkness and find a way to sunshine..

As you go with your “ride”, always shed some light, keep the hope shining and “ghosts” will flee.. 😀


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Haunted.. Part II.

Part I

I know that Part II looks very short, but this’s all what I could come up with so far.. Also i’m trying not to make it boring.. 🙂

Darkness had been enclosing the gloomy house  as she took her first steps inside.. The dusty floor muffled the sound of her steps making silence the one speaking out.. She went on stopping for few seconds allowing her eyes to cope, looking around and taking further watchful steps before stopping again..

She was scared of a ghost, despite the fact that she was the typical definition for the word “ghost”.. A tall pale figure with ragged dark hair covering a bony face. Hopeless eyes with a staring blank look and a slow, perhaps deadly, walk. No one would blame her for that “ghostly” look. The woman couldn’t get over her husband’s death, then losing her son later brought her into a blind end…

Strolling inside, she had no idea where to search.. She let her instinct lead her to some worn-out stairs that took her down to what seemed to be the basement. The scene down there wasn’t quite freaky, yet it did freak her out!

No trace for a being she found while her eyes scanned the not quite empty basement.. The longer her eyes moved in there, the more scared she felt. Although she’d never been there, the  place  looked somehow familiar!! Fear flooded her heart the moment she remembered that she knows that place… She wandered in there several times… In her dreams.. And had always wondered why her subconscious kept taking her to such place…

She kept scanning the basement till her eyes met an outsized mirror she knew. She gazed deeply as if the mirror was going to answer all the questions puzzling her.. She was so absorbed in that she didn’t notice that shadow moving behind her back. She knew she had a company when she heard a faint voice saying:

I knew you’ll come sooner or later.. Welcome darling!!“…

Her legs got fixed so did her eyes…Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest and she let a loud gasp when she noticed what was looking at her from the mirror!!

To be continued…

Haunted… Part I.

Life is confusing.. There’re times when we go blind, though the truth is ahead of us. And there’re other times when we see it obviously, even if darkness is all around.. Sometimes, when we don’t know what to believe, we seek the easiest answer ’cause the truth is just too complex and too hard to understand..

It was one cloudy night. The light cold breeze felt so heavy on hitting her as she moved, as if it wanted to stop her from going on with what she intended to do. The sound of the crispy leaves cracking under her feet was loud, as if it tried to warn her from getting closer… Her heart was racing and her breath was getting heavier, as if they were begging her to turn back. But she kept moving..

The house wasn’t so far. Time wasn’t enough for these signs to make her quit. So she kept moving..

She deeply believed, so did all the people in town, that the house next door was haunted.. Every single being in town knew the frightful story of that ghost.. That freaky woman who lately wandered inside and mysteriously killed any breathing creature stepping inside the house..

The woman believed the story, with no doubts.. And why should she doubt?? Her son got in there and never came out. He got undoubtedly killed and nobody ever knew how it happened.. The cops searched every inch in the house and unsurprisingly they found nothing!!

Her last conversation with the sheriff resounded inside her head… Desperately, she begged him to send the cops again to the house to search for her son’s body, but he told her what he tells the others:“Nobody ever entered that house  at night and got out alive or dead.. Your son should’ve considered the house’s history before stepping in there. GOD! He went without my permission! Sorry.. He was such a stubborn and he paid for that ! Ma’am, I wouldn’t  waste my men’s time searching for nothing..”

She had always hated how that nobody could stand for that ghost. She  hated watching that house every day from her window and how her fears crippled her..

She’d  lived a messy life with non-stop headaches. And though she’d got enough sleep, she had always felt tired as if she never slept.. She had always felt chaotic and had got fired from her job.. Her life wasn’t getting any better, yet  her son was the only one who made her feel  like living… And after losing her only reason for living, she didn’t care  how dreadful her end might be. She couldn’t help it anymore, she made up  her mind…

She continued her steady pace one step after another moving like the robot.. As she reached the house, the front door was open waiting for her to get inside. She didn’t hesitate, she kept… MOVING...

To be continued…