Confessions of a semi-doctor!

A couple of years ago, I thought of writing my diaries and it was such a failure!! I used to write daily, so I ended up with the same routine repeating itself everyday, then I shortly gave up on writing..

This year I’m trying out a new technique; I ain’t gonna write daily. I’ll only pick the “extraordinary” events, which are hopefully going to be plentiful as I’m starting “Year 5″; the longest year in med. school (14 months)!!

So here I am, starting “Confessions of a semi-doctor”.. Hoping to make it this time! 😀

Pre-back to school syndrome!

I’ve never been in love with those few remaining days of summer vacation.. People would normally seize every moment of those fun “remnants”, whereas I walk the opposite direction!!

I go into a “hibernate” mode; my vacation’s active rhythm freezes, my mind goes blank, I run out of the enthusiasm I had throughout summer, I even fail to find anything I love to write about, and everything turns into pure boredom!

Pathetically, slipping into lectures, clinical rounds, courses and the very usual (and mostly boring) Med. School routine is the only way I can “restart”!

The good news is, 5 days from now, I’ll be going back to School! Let’s see how things will turn out.. And frankly speaking, this has nothing to do with books and studying (even medical students don’t like that); I’m not the nerd you might think of.. Or am I?? 😀