Five people I can never trust!

In a world infested with lots of not-so-trustworthy folk, If l list the people who can never earn my trust, these 5 will make it to the top!

1. Politicians:

99 percent of them are professional, manipulative liars! They consider the world their playground, and us, their puppets!

Source: Google images.

2. Gossipers & mockers:

Constantly sticking their nose, asking many questions, talking about and making fun of anybody and anything! When they don’t speak to you, surely they’re busy gossiping about you!

Source: Google images.

3. The snake-ish:

They change their skin, and they’re poisonous! They never stick to a side; they always change their mind.. Today if they’re on your side, tomorrow you’ll get stung!

Source: Google images.

4. The narrow-minded:

Stubbornness blinds them; they think they’re always right, and even when they don’t, they never apologize!

Source: Google images.

5. The vulgar:

I don’t know why exactly, but I can never trust those who use profanities thinking it’s cool, or just for fun! What’s inappropriate is inappropriate anyway!

Who’s on your list??