When headache knocks!

Best pic from google, it perfectly illustrates my headache!

Having frequent episodes of intense headache, evoked by dust and smoke (AKA: allergic sinusitis) is just pure torture! It technically means that I’m allergic to air!!

It’s like getting locked where an irritating song plays over and over! It ain’t just about having to tolerate that sharp pain pinching every inch of my face, it’s also how it disturbs all my senses! As the slightest tilt of my head hurts, everything becomes provoking; reading, thinking, even the softest sound, and I turn into a nagging (and sometimes aggressive) creature!

And since medications don’t seem to work, or let’s say, they take time. I end up spending a week or so, fighting the urge to bang my head to the closest wall, till the attack subsides.. Thank God, I haven’t gone insane yet, but it’s out of my hands; I can’t stop breathing air!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (3) Forgotten blessings..

It’s true that we don’t appreciate what we’ve got until it’s gone. Yet, seeing someone aching for losing simple things we’re unaware that we’ve always got, definitely helps!

When I first started my clinical rounds, my mind was focused on one thing; learning how to treat the ill. However, those very people have given my mind such a good slap! Yelling at “him”: wait, there’s more to learn! Well, I can say I’ve learnt the kind of lessons that aren’t found in books!

Bumping into the disabled, the deaf and the blind. Talking to people who were too sick to sit straight or walk by themselves. Seeing those who have forgotten their beloved and couldn’t recall who they are… That certainly has got me losing the proper words to express how I felt about it, I only get to say that such experience has and will always remind me to thank God for granting me the gift of being who I am and for teaching me that I truly am blessed.. 😀

P.S. Sorry for not posting for like three weeks or more. I had a mini-block, but thank God, it didn’t last longer! 🙂