A new year is tomorrow, but tomorrow is still tomorrow!

I’ve actually written this last year’s eve…

“So what are you doing next year?” Asked my cousin. For a second, I didn’t catch what she was talking about. I only realized what I’ve missed when she told me that today’s the “New Year’s Eve”.. Which makes tomorrow Next year !!

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Of course I remember that a new year starts tomorrow.. Every year at the same date, we see everybody talking everywhere about how glad they are as the present year has gone, how amazing the next year should be & how dramatically everything should change by tomorrow!! Our Facebook wall suddenly turns into a huge colorful greeting card with the same “copy-paste” new year posts!!

But only today, it came up to my mind in a different way.. What’s so special about tomorrow?? I mean (hello?!!) tomorrow is just a new day in our lives!!

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We had 365 days last year, were they a long doze?? If we’re willing to change our life and turn it into a lovely sweet heaven, why didn’t we do it last year?? If we’re planning to change who we are, why didn’t we change it last year?? And if we’re intending to make of ourselves better, why wait till the finale to set how the events should’ve gone?!!Why delaying our wishes till the new year’s “Eve”?!! For GOD’s sake, how many “Eves” have we got in our lives so we keep delaying?!!

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Thinking of last year’s “Eve”.. Why are we still standing where we were?!! Weren’t those the same wishes of last year’s “Eve”?? Joy and happy moments aren’t exclusive to that moment when the clock ticks 00:00!!

To cut it short, I’m not saying we should stop wishing for the best or stop celebrating the new year.. .

I’m just saying it’s never too late to start over, it could happen everyday! If we consider every day as a “New Year’s Eve”, everything will go the way we wished and only then changing to the best would be guaranteed. After all, A new year is tomorrow, but tomorrow is still tomorrow! Have a HAPPY NEW DAY people!! πŸ˜€


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4 days of joy! γƒ„

I love family traditions, especially when it comes to holidays and feasts. The sweet flavor of such occasions has always given me that warm feeling of belonging somewhere.. πŸ™‚

This morning, we started celebrating “Eid Al-Adha“; the “Greater eid” or “The feast of sacrifice”. Rituals last for four days (which are an official vacation :D) and from the name, “sacrificing” a sheep and equally sharing the meat with relatives, friends and the needy takes place among other rituals.
(If that interests you, I strongly recommend reading about it in this friend-post).

Anyway, I’m shedding the light on the social side; sharing and bringing people together. As a kid, I remember how excited I felt about getting up early on the first day of eid, wearing my new clothes, going to the “Eid prayer” with my family, exchanging greetings on our way with whoever we met and bonding with the “sheep” before facing its destiny!

I can recall too, being eager to meet up later with my cousins, uncles and aunties at my grandparent’s place, watching a movie together or going for a barbecue, blowing baloons with friends or neighbors and bragging about the “eideya” (money of eid) I collected from my parents and relatives. And for sure, I never missed the most thrilling part; joining a mini-FIREWORKS party with the other kids!!

In case you’re wondering about now, I certainly can tell that years have changed nothing! Except for abandoning fireworks (it’s not that I mind, but seeing a 20-years-old playing fireworks down the street is just awkward!) and ditching the sheep, I’m still that little kid! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚