#365BeautifulThings: #2 Golden Goodness ☕

In an optimistic attempt to acknowledge the beauty we miss, I’ll be posting something beautiful everyday for the next 356 days. Some will be new shots, others old and revived.

Tell me how you like your favourite morning fix. I like it dark and strong, what about you?

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White-coated ramblings: (5) It pays off, doesn’t it?!

Breaking news: I got my first ever salary today!

But do you know how much an Egyptian fresh-graduate doctor makes monthly?

257 Egyptian pounds; that makes 36.11 dollars! Yes, I’m a doctor, but our maid makes triple my salary!

But it was never about the money, was it? *Sighs*

That’s for 2 months!

23 things before turning 23: Review!

Source: Facebook.

So, in case you haven’t already stumbled upon my list, I had until my 23rd birthday (yesterday) to cross these 23 things off. I haven’t fulfilled half the list, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I managed to meet. 

  1. Finish my novel(s): I’m not proud to declare that my “Work In Progress” is still in progress, but in my defense, senior year ate up both my time and energy.
  2. Win NaNoWriMo: Same as above, plus, my finals started in November!
  3. Scrub-in: Preferably in an eye surgery: Didn’t happen! :/
  4. Score an A in at least one subject: Now this sounds ridiculously hilarious, because my score, in fact, has dropped big time! I’m so grateful that I actually passed, and thank God my cumulative score went unaffected.
  5. Be among the top 1st 500 students in my class: LOL! Okay, let’s say I managed to cling to the top 791! (My class is around 1500).
  6. Reach my ideal weight: Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m halfway there.
  7. Finish “Insanity” workouts without twisting any joints: I didn’t, but I finished 2 rounds of Turbo Jam, and 2 rounds Body Beast! That’s definitely SOMETHING!
  8. Learn to swim.
  9. Learn another sport: Started Judo a month ago. 😀
  10. Learn to dance: Not yet!
  11. Improve my photography skills.
  12. Earn drivers’ license: Still postponing! :/
  13. Read 20 books at least, including the Qur’an: Finished only 5! 😦
  14. Inspire someone(s): Well, some friends claim that I did. 😀
  15. Speak French: In progress.
  16. Play guitar: I wasn’t that lucky..
  17. Bake a successful cheesecake: Done, more than once! 😀
  18. Go skating: Not yet.
  19. Climb a mountain, scuba-dive or jump with a parachute: My most precious achievement! Check this post!
  20. Volunteer in a cause: Not yet.
  21. Join a book club: I did actually create one. Wanna join?? Here!
  22. Visit brand new places without traveling abroad: Go to number 19.
  23. Fall in love: I wasn’t that fortunate.

Coming soon: 24 things before turning 24!

Bibliophilia: (7) Paper Towns

Source: Goodreads.com

“There are so many people. It is easy to forget how full the world is of people, full to bursting, and each of them imaginable and consistently misimagined.” – Paper Towns by John Green.

Another crafted piece by John Green that gets you engaged from the very first page. Portraying people’s perceptions and how it reflects on their expectations, this book puts you in a state of emotional tornado. Impulses of anticipation, mingled with moments of fun and agony. It makes you both wonder and wander as you read on. The thing is, the more you read, the more you realize it’s not just about Quentin and his quest of Margo; it somehow happens to be about you too.

I started this book before my final exams (like 3 months ago) and was reading as fast as turtle, but I heard myself gasp when I finished the last page, because for some reason I wanted this book to go on forever..

Scenes: (11) Graduation rituals!

Date: Thursday, January 2.

Place: Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University.

Event: Fun-day (graduation ceremony).


Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

The most awaited day has finally come! One last day at college, but with no classes to attend or exams to stress for. No enough words can express how memorable the day was. Friends, laughter, music, photo sessions, autograph signing, fireworks and everybody just having fun!


Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014


Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

Then came the most exciting moment; pot shattering! In old Egyptian traditions, when someone leaves a place and you don’t want them to ever come back, you break a clay pot at the doorstep. So every year, fresh medical graduates have this pot-breaking-frenzy at the gates of college! I saved my pot by the way! 😉 😛


Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014


Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

This is less than half my class! Photo by: Horizon Photography – Sherif Elhosseiny.

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (18) THE FINALE!

I’ve been planning this post for months, but as I sit at my desk to type in, words seem to have fled. My last exam ended yesterday, closing the last chapter of my medical school years. I’ve technically graduated!

The journey was tough, the path was filled with traps and hitches, and there were times when it seemed I’d never cease to suffer.. But somewhere among all this chaos, somehow, good memories shone. Funny moments and amazing friends. For some reason, all the crap I went through no longer matters! 🙂

P.S. Until results are out, I need everyone who stumbles by this post to pray that my friends and I would pass our latest excruciating Ob/Gyn exam. None of us is by any means ready to study again for 6 more months!

Coming soon..

Confessions of a house officer!

Because Facebook’s “Community Standards” SUCK!

Source: Google images.

How many times have you reported something on Facebook, and they returned your report saying that content wasn’t removed as it doesn’t violate their community standards??! For me, it happened dozens of times! I stumble all the time upon pages that incite hate speech, discrimination and lies, but the Facebook guys seem to be too reckless to thoroughly check these things! A page doesn’t have to post pornography to be inappropriate, there are endless ways!

Yesterday some friends of mine found out their public photos were stolen and got posted on a page with sexually explicit comments on them! I know Facebook is infested with psychopaths, but I’ve never imagined something like this would happen! My friends and I reported the page, and the usual response got me so furious! How can stealing people’s photos not violate their Goddamn standards?!

Now I’m literally begging whoever reads this post to go to the following link and report that dirty page. Just open the page, click that star right to the “message” button and click “report”. Choose “it harasses me or a friend”. Maybe if so many people reported, the page would get banned.. Here’s is the link, and I apologize for having to post such an inappropriate thing:


Again I beg you, PLEASE report it!

UpBeAt ViBeS.. A new page!

Well, you might already know I am an admin of the Facebook page “LeT’s StAy MoTiVaTeD“; or actually was. I’ve deactivated my account and created a new one (a very long story), and have consequently lost my admin access to the page.

So I created a brand new page, and I need your support. Please Like the page (on Facebook, not this post)! Here’s the link:



iCook: (4) Improvising protein bars..

I was bored and hungry, and too lazy to dig the internet for a good protein bar recipe that I have all its ingredients, so I set my cooking instinct free. And it didn’t let me down! 😉

They don’t look beautiful, but they taste yummy! 😀

Chocolate granola protein bar*:


– 2 medium cups sugar-free musli.

– 3 egg whites.

– 3 tbsp. home-made almond butter (pure almond).

– 2 servings of your protein powder.

– 1 tsp. baking powder.

– 1 ordinary low fat yogurt (Greek would be better, but I had none).

– 16 pieces of galaxy milk chocolate (like 3 ordinary bars or one big bar)… You can use dark chocolate of course, but I can’t resist galaxy’s taste).

Mix all ingredients except chocolate. Spread on a tray. Cook in 180ْ C for 20-30 minutes. Then melt the chocolate and spread it over. Cool down, then enjoy!

*Makes around 12 bars. I think it has like 8 grams protein or maybe more. You can use my fitness pal to accurately calculate.

iCook: (3) Abracadabra! Now your pastry is lighter!

You  crave cupcakes? Waffles? Pancakes? Cookies?! What about the calories?? A bummer, right?!

I personally had hard time when I first started dieting. I love all sorts of pastries and have always cheated, and the calories have always hunted me down. So I started digging for alternatives. You might have already read dozens of articles about using lighter substitutes for baking, but this is a personal experience that worked pretty well!

  • Wheat bran!

Source: Google images.

I couldn’t find whole wheat flour in the nearby supermarket, so wheat bran was such a great alternative. Cutting down half the flour serving and replacing it by bran will do the trick. There are other flours, like coconut flour, but honestly, I haven’t used any.

  • Skimmed milk!

Source: Google images.

Well, less fat = less calories. You can use almond or soy milk of course, but I guess skimmed cow milk is less expensive and the most available.

  • Replacing the sugar!

Source: Google images.

I use my whey protein as the only source of sugar in the pastry, it gives me high protein plus a light sugary taste. If you don’t want to use protein powders, you may go for Stevia or any sugar replacement (I personally don’t prefer that option). If you’re making a salty recipe, then even better; you won’t need sugar at all! 😛

  • Tasteless, but healthy!

Source: Google images.

If you want to make your pastry healthier, you may add other protein sources, my favourite pick is flaxseed. It’s tasteless, but totally useful. You may use oats as well.

There you go, now go indulge yourself with a guiltless cookie! 😀