Confessions of a semi-doctor: (5) … And then you procrastinate!!

I’ve always been a procrastinator, always! Mom says it reflects no sense of responsibility, this is doubtless, and for a “med-schooler”, it’s also quite risky!!

You get that false sense of security; peace of mind, and you don’t give a damn till a near exam punches you pretty hard! Adrenaline floods you and miraculously, you get the job almost done! You score a B, sometimes C, not so bad! You know you’d score an A+ with a little more effort, but as always, you end up next year exactly the way you were last year!!

Sometimes I think it means I’m strong enough to get through that stress (though I panicked before my finals two years ago!), but I still hate it! And this year is like no other, for the “tons” of pages I  need to study and the new clinical skills I have to learn! And what’s my progress so far?? Less than 10%!!

I still have 6 months till finals knock my door, it ain’t so late (PHEW!), yet I keep wondering when the dropping temperature would stop dragging me down, ’cause I gotta start running to catch the rain I’ve missed!!

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The happy recipe!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a horrible cook, I came up with this simple recipe.. 😛

Difficulty: Easy. 



1Faith. 2. Patience. 3. Confidence.

4. Obstacles. 5. Hard work. 6. Dreams & wishes.

7. Love. 8. Hope. 9. Positivity.

10.  Adventures. 11. Sense of humor. 12. Smiles.


1. You’re going to need plenty of faith for the base of this recipe… The more faith you have, the less bitterness you’ll taste.

Have faith.. 

2. You can’t skip the obstacles; it’s what will spice up the recipe and give it a strong taste..

Overcome your obstacles!

3. To make the base, add the faith, patience, some confidence together with the obstacles, hard work, dreams and wishes… Stir them together till you get a smooth flexible mixture.

Add dreams and wishes..

4. As for the topping, cook some positivity with some hope and love, then pour the mixture over the base … This will help you overcome any over-bitterness in the base.

Think positive..

5. Now you need to decorate… Sprinkle lots of smiles all over the recipe then add some pieces of adventures and sense of humor…

Add lots of smiles..

Then… Voilà !! Your recipe’s ready! 🙂

Bon appétit!! 😀 😀


Enjoy your life..